What’s the point of the Mets?

(3) Rat, raccoon, possum or groundhog?

An extra-inning victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in May was overshadowed by more Metsentricity. Every team has player disagreements, but somehow the Mets need to make sure they garner media coverage.

Shortstop Francisco Lindor was pissed about second baseman Jeff McNeil’s play on a routine infield single.

An altercation occurred in the tunnel, maybe some fisticuffs; it was certainly enough to get the attention of the rest of the team.

Instead of killing the non-story, a ludicrous yarn was spun that Lindor and McNeil were debating whether they had just spotted a raccoon or a rat behind the dugout. And to ensure all media outlets picked up the story, McNeil added, “To be honest, I thought it was a possum.”

The inability to keep these things in-house seems more like Groundhog Day to me.

When asked, Luis Rojas said he knew nothing about a rat-raccoon situation.

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