What’s the point of the Mets?

(4) Michael Conforto proves that cheats can prosper

Long before Steven Cohen used the word “integrity” to kick off the new era at Citi Field, Mets’ outfielder Michael Conforto had used it in a holier-than-thou fashion to disparage the Astros.

You know the scene. Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth of a 2-2 game against division rivals, Miami Marlins. Conforto leans into the strike zone, and the ball hits his elbow. Strike three was called but then immediately turned into a hit-by-pitch for the walk-off. 

The closer, Anthony Bass, lost his job. Mets manager, Luis Rojas, said, “I don’t think he leans in; that’s not his instinct.” – Maybe Rojas should have said he didn’t see it.

Sometimes it is easier to use words like “integrity” than to action them.

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