The Lineup

A UK based baseball blog and podcast run by a bunch of enthusiasts who prefer grey trousers to sleep patterns. As the name suggests we’re more about the stories and the drama than the tradition.

John McGee (@epouvantail on twitter)

Sports mad Northerner who has written for Guardian Sport, In Bed With Maradona, The Two Unfortunates and The Classical amongst others. A Red Sox fan thanks to late nights on Channel 5 at uni, with soft spots for the Brewers and the Vermont Lake Monsters (Feel the Bern).

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Darius Austin (@DariusA64)
North Wales biggest San Francisco Giants fan, alongside BTN, Darius is a regular contributor to the excellent Banished to the Pen Friends with Fantasy Benefits and BP Wrigleyville.

Ben Carter (@benc34)

A London-dwelling student currently living in Nottingham, Ben has followed baseball for about five years now and has slowly but surely become addicted. His team is the Rockies – given their utter incompetence in recent seasons, that’s been quite a tough ask! Ben’s own, regularly updated blog is at @UKBaseballBlog.

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Tom Pringle (@PedroiasFace)

Tom is married with two young children. A Royal Air Force Aircrewman, a failed footballer, golfer, cricketer, cyclist and basketball player. A Red Sox fan who likes to write and talk about all elements of baseball. Has watched a baseball game from a hotel rooftop bar in San Diego.

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Blake Finney (@finneyblake)

A Washington Nationals fan, after watching the Expos in Montreal before the move as a child; Blake is the resident Fantasy Baseball nerd. Back in the real world, he’s played, managed and umpired in British Baseball with the Southampton Mustangs and Birmingham Bandits.

Steve Wright (@mistrollingin)

Steve first fell for baseball and The Mets in 1986, so if he started out as a glory hunter he has been made to pay in spades since. His first love is Nottingham Forest, so it doesn’t get any better in that regard, and he is a co-founder of the quarterly magazine Bandy & Shinty which celebrates the history and community of his club. He has also written for the WSC website, The Two Unfortunates and The Inside Left amongst other.