Mayor reaffirms his drive for Baseball in London

I want to be a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. I also want to live a healthy and long life. I also want a car that doesn’t break down every two months due to some crappy electrical failure. These are just a few of my many dreams.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, also spelled out some of his dreams today in an interview with ESPN. He said he has a “dream” of bringing the Super Bowl to London.

“My ultimate dream is to get the Super Bowl here in London — wouldn’t that be great?” Khan said. “I’m excited to make it happen.”

Yeah it would be great, but I don’t see it happening in my life time.

More importantly, he also said that he viewed London as the “capital of world sport”. Having already hosted numerous NFL and NBA games, he wants to see the final sport of the “big three” come to the UK.

“At some time in the future [we will have regular-season fixtures in all three sports],” Khan said. “The sooner the better, because I want the whole world to recognise we’re a sporting capital, and that means making sure that sports that mainly have a following in North America come here.

“It can’t just be the crickets and soccers, tennis and boxing, it’s also got to be American football, basketball and baseball as well.”

It’s still on folks, baseball is coming. The downside? We might well have to wait until 2019.

Never mind, that’s more time to work on my slider and take to the mound in that Red Sox uniform for their London debut.

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