Episode 31 – Bundesliga Baseball, Barry Bonds, and Bernie Brewer’s Water Slide

John talks to Great Britain player Jordan Edmonds of the Hamburg Stealers about his baseball career and life in the Bundesliga. Then Darius and Ben discuss whether Mike Trout should get the Barry Bonds treatment, if Chris Sale is on Clayton Kershaw’s level, and what on earth is going on with Mike Leake and Andrew Cashner, before answering listener questions about player-themed areas at parks and baseball crushes.

Bundesliga stats site: http://www.baseball-bundesliga.de/stats/
Sam Miller’s Mike Trout article: http://www.espn.co.uk/mlb/story/_/id/19451253/is-teams-treat-mike-trout-barry-bonds
Ben Lindbergh’s piece on Kershaw’s slider: https://theringer.com/2017-mlb-los-angeles-dodgers-clayton-kershaw-slider-improving-43d7492c00e3
David Schoenfield’s suggestions for player-themed sections: http://cdn.espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/79832/every-team-needs-a-judges-chambers-section-and-here-are-some-suggestions

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  1. Great episode. Interesting stuff on the Bonds treatment. With the injury to Trout it has quickly become moot, unfortunately. Worth remembering that the bases loaded intentional walking of both Bonds and Hamilton did actually work.

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