All Aboard The Bandwagon!

Britain’s top prospect Ben Carter isn’t available tonight, so this time John leads the cause while Darius and Tom pull at his coat tails.

Tonights show consisted of:

Bryce Harper, Hunter Strickland, can anyone defend them? Does anyone care? What was the funniest moment of the whole shebang.

Mr Met, how many fingers does he have? Can he swear? Is it really an issue? Does he has a leg to stand on in court? John was a lawyer!? WTF.

The great comeback team of the AL East! The boys talk all about these plucky heroes and how much the public love them.

Something was announced about MLB in the UK. The boys weren’t overwhelmed by the public response.

FINALLY, Tom pleads with the public to all vote for Allen Craig in the AAA All-Star game. #AAAllenCraig

Harper Fight:
Mr Met Finger:
MLB Battlegrounds:
AAA All-Star Ballot:…ballot/ballot.jsp

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