Episode 33 – Gryffindor Gosewisch & Gammon Samardzija

Ben and Tom join John in wondering how to pronounce Scooter Gennett’s surname, whether anyone saw his four homers under that came uni, and to dig deep on the roasting hot Houston Astros. As ever, fan questions lead things to take a turn for the weird – apologies to Ryan Hanigan who looks like he could kill again.

Here’s the Ben Lindbergh Astros piece we discussed:http://ift.tt/2takrNP

Here’s where to vote #AllStarllenCraig: http://ift.tt/2r6cZ8w

Ryan Hanigan’s going to go across the street and bring you some orange sherbet: http://ift.tt/1djLq9D http://ift.tt/2scdPkG

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