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After listening to our show a few weeks ago, we were contacted by the talent director of Blog Talk Radio. They said they liked our podcast and wanted to talk to us about the possibility of joining their network. Clearly we were very excited to be receiving this e-mail, as we do this podcast and website for fun. To receive praise and an offer to join such a big network of podcasts was pretty uplifting.

We took our time to make sure the right decision was reached, not only for ourselves but also for you the listener.

Some things we discussed prior to making our decision:

  • Blog Talk Radio will host our podcasts for free (We currently pay SoundCloud for hosting).
  • Blog Talk Radio will give us money as part of a revenue share, depending on the number of listeners and adverts in each podcast.
  • The adverts are location based, therefore will be relevant to you.
  • We did not want to impact the show by filling it with adverts.
  • Any potential revenue gained by us will be put back into the pod, website and generating better content for you.
  • Blog Talk Radio will cross promote our podcast, meaning more listeners, meaning more revenue, meaning more content in the future.

We spent a week talking over it and all decided that we can only benefit from taking Blog Talk Radio up on their offer. We also decided that one advert at the start of the show was a reasonable limit to begin with.

As with all changes to hosting platforms, we may experience teething problems. If you subscribe to the podcast via SoundCloud, sorry guys you will have to switch to another podcast player. SoundCloud is one of the few that Blog Talk Radio doesn’t support.

Also, if you notice any detriment to sound quality or find the adverts too much or annoying, then please let us know. We want to ensure you still get the experience you expect.

As we said at the start of the post, we do this because we enjoy talking baseball. Joining Blog Talk Radio can only help us achieve our aim, to keep talking baseball for as long as you lot keep on listening.

Thanks for your support,

Tom, John, Darius and Ben

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