Top Five GIFs Of The Week: Week Nine

As the season rolls on, so to do the GIFs, with nary a day passing without a comical three second clip making it’s way to twitter infamy.

In this high octane world, people no longer have the time or patience to read an article or watch a video: they want the funny thing and they want it now and they want it on an endless loop.

I, for one, cherish that sentiment. The good old days were probably shit anyway.

5. DeGrom goes DeEp

The Mets season has been so bad so far that calling it a dumpster fire almost feels like an insult to dumpster fires.

The small pool of watery sewage that represents the 5.2% chance the Mets have of still reaching the post-season is presumably kept full by Jacob DeGrom and his magical hair.

Alongside chucking eight much needed innings of brilliant ball, Jake threw in his first career homer last week as he provided the Mets with a much needed moment of joy.

4.  Yasmani Grandal gets crossed up

Grandal has long graded out as one of baseball’s finest pitch framers, which, if you’ve never seen Grandal receive a pitch before this one, might come as a bit of a shock.

It is testament to his commitment to the craft of framing that he still manages to make the pitch look somewhat like a strike, but jumping up and back down to receive a pitch doesn’t look likely to stick as a major league skill.

3. Manny Machado does Manny Machado things

This is what you’ve got to love about baseball.

In a game with 22 runs scored including eight dingers, you can guarantee that the one play fans will remember from this game will be Machado’s absurd throw in the eighth inning.

The mercurial third baseman has something of a reputation for these kind of web gems, but that doesn’t diminish their genius in any way.

2. Mad Max keeps rolling

Chris Sale started the season like a man possessed but now it is the turn of Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer.

The flamethrowing righty has been absolutely locked in for about a month or so, and his on-field swagger and style makes him just as entertaining as he is effective.

Also, this is just absurd.

1. History repeats itself for the Rockies

Come on, did you really think I’d get through GIFs of the Week without mentioning this?!

For me, Carlos Gonzalez‘s walk off home run will always be my favourite baseball moment but I’ll be damned if Nolan Arenado isn’t pushing him close.

The sound off the bat, the crowd noise, the gash above his eye in the melee, it was all just so perfect for the Rockies superstar third baseman, and I’ll be damned if Denver isn’t going to be a fun place to watch baseball this summer.

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