Brit Sox And Nerds Episode 1 – Jared Carrabis

Holy crap, we only went and got Jared Carrabis for episode one of our Red Sox spinoff pod!

Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports and CSN’s Baseball programe join Tom and John to talk Red Sox in this very first edition of Brit Sox and Nerds! The Red Sox spin-off from Bat Flips and Nerds.

Jared tells us all about his start in baseball writing, radio and television. Before touching on his relationships with the players and how it differs to everyday beat writers.

The guys then quiz Jared on his successful Red Sox podcast “Section 10“, the roles of Pete Blackburn and Steven Perrault, before switching to nicknames of the Red Sox non-stars.

Once Tom and John have exhausted Jared of his life story, they then switch to David Price and his role as a leader in the Red Sox clubhouse. Before disecting the Red Sox pre-season prediction and the current team.

Tom invents a nickname, that is reviewed by Jared. Let’s not spoil the results here.

Oh and Pablo Sandoval may get one or two mentions.

It was a fun episode, we hope you guys enjoy it to.

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