MLB UK Community – London Meetup July 30th

Following the success of MLB Battlegrounds (and our own little meet up event) two Southern based fans – Dave Shaw and Adam Christopher – have taken the awesome step of setting up a regular forum for fans to get together to watch a game over a few beers.

In an email to B&N, Adam explained their thinking following Tuesday’s event:

The event was a bit of a bizarro world in that everyone there was a baseball fan… as opposed to my usual reality where people openly scoff at me for following baseball. It felt a bit like a baseball Comic Con (right down to the Stone Crabs cosplay) and I’d like to keep that community viable. So we’re getting to it right away It’s also a good opportunity to show MLB we’re here and hopefully encourage them to come back.

Sounds like something we can all identify with and support…

The first event is scheduled for Sunday, July 30 in London. The guys will be showing the Blue Jays / Angels game at a venue TBC.


There may even be some special guests in attendance:

In the meantime you can follow the guys on Twitter @MLBUKCommunity and on Facebook right here.

If you’re not in the capital, you haven’t missed out. Our own John is organising a similar event in Manchester in the middle of August. Watch this space!

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