MLB UK Community – 30 July London Meetup **Venue Details** **Manchester Meetup Date**

Dave Shaw and Adam Christopher have been hard at work securing a venue for their 30 July London MLB meetup.

They announced today that the Victoria Sports Bar & Grill at Victoria Station, where many of you joined us for the Bat Flips & Nerds meetup on 4th July will be their home for the foreseeable.

Not only is the bar securing an area for the meetup, they’re also bringing in an electrician to ensure that MULTIPLE games can be screened simultaneously.

That means that on July 30th whilst the Blue Jays and Angels duke it out on the big screen the Yankees and Rays will provide the under card on one, possibly two, of the venue’s (still big) flat screens.

The team are also hoping that the venue’s changes will let them call in Q&A guests on Skype at future events (ahem, we’ll mention no names…) so this looks like the start of a promising partnership.

As mentioned, our own John is working on a Manchester event. No details on venue or game yet, but it’ll be on Sunday 13th August at a city centre location.

Full details and directions for Victoria Sports Bar & Grill are here.

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