Erie SeaWolves Need Your Help with UK Night on 16 August

In case you missed the announcement last night, the Official MiLB Affiliate of the UK, the Erie SeaWolves, have announced their inaugural UK Night, to take place during their 16 August clash with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies at UPMC Park.

Yep, that’s the Binghamton Rumble Ponies with the two GB players on their roster…

So how can you help?

The SeaWolves are looking to make the evening a celebration of British culture – the PA and Jumbotron are going to be a parade of the best of British culture and music, with the best British catchphrases and putdowns delivered to the opposition.

The guys over in Erie have a pretty good list of music and stars to reference, but they want this to be authentic and that’s where you come in.

Got a UK themed skit you’ve always wanted to see in between innings at the ballpark? Step right up.

Got an artist you want them to play? Fancy seeing Jim Bowen on the big screen? Here’s your chance…

Hunter Horenstein, the SeaWolves awesome Community Engagement Manager has his Twitter DMs open and is waiting for you to ‘slide in’ with suggestions. You can find him here.

And that isn’t all…

They also want your help with the line-up card.

We’ll be recording mp3s of the team’s name to announce the team and next batter up, but it’d be great if we could be fully representative of all British accents.

Welsh? Scots? Geordie? Scouse? You’re in.

We’ll share details of how to send us the clips in the next few days.


How about a UK Night party? The game is late on a Wednesday but that needn’t stop you. And if you’re like John and can’t function without 8 hours shut-eye why not watch the day after and send us your snaps and tweets?

Oh, and we might just try and get the game on one of the screens at the next MLB UK Community Meetup, too!

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