Official UK Indy Ball Affiliate – Introducing the Teams

The following article aims to inform and help you decide which independent team to vote for during the next two weeks of battle.

One of the most desired outcomes from this competition is to increase interest in independent baseball and to have more UK fans visiting an indy ballpark on their next US visit.

With that in mind Table 1 shows you:

  1. Nearest international airport
  2. Drive time to the ballpark from the airport
  3. Closest MLB team

Table 1: Which is my ‘local’ team?

Team International Airport Drive Time to Ballpark Closest MLB Team
Cleburne Railroaders Dallas – Fort Worth 51 mins Texas Rangers
Gary SouthShore RailCats Chicago 48 mins Chicago White Sox
Kansas City T-Bones Kansas City 23 mins Kansas City Royals
Lancaster Barnstormers Philadelphia 86 mins Phillies/Orioles
New Britain Bees Boston/New York 124/129 mins Red Sox/Yankees
Rockland Boulders New York 61 mins New York Yankees
San Rafael Pacifics San Francisco 46 mins San Francisco Giants
Schaumburg Boomers Chicago 21 mins Chicago Cubs
Somerset Patriots New York 68 mins Mets/Yankees
Sonoma Stompers San Francisco 76 mins Giants/Athletics
St. Paul Saints Minneapolis – St. Paul 25 mins Minnesota Twins
Sugar Land Skeeters Houston 45 mins Houston Astros
Texas AirHogs Dallas – Fort Worth 18 mins Texas Rangers
Washington Wild Things Pittsburgh 38 mins Pittsburgh Pirates
Windy City ThunderBolts Chicago 36 mins Chicago White Sox
York Revolution Baltimore/Washington 64 mins Baltimore Orioles


A map showing the location of the 16 teams in the competition can be found here. 

Table 2 takes a closer look at the history and average attendances (from 2017) of the 16 teams along with the number of championships won within their current league. Social media presence, measured by followers on Twitter (correct as of April 14th), is also included to offer a snapshot of a team’s existing popularity online.

Table 2: Do I want to follow a more successful/popular team or support an underdog?

Team Founded Champs League Attendance (av.) Twitter Followers
Cleburne Railroaders 2017 0 American Association 1,780 1,232
Gary SouthShore RailCats 2001 1* American Association 3,632 4,519
Kansas City T-Bones 2003 1 American Association 4,069 6,293
Lancaster Barnstormers 2003 2 Atlantic League 3,754 5,663
New Britain Bees 2015 0 Atlantic League 3,091 2,391
Rockland Boulders 2011 1 CanAm 2,843 4,230
San Rafael Pacifics 2011 2** Pacific Association 480 1,780
Schaumburg Boomers 2011 3 Frontier 3,418 10,186
Somerset Patriots 1997 6 Atlantic League 5,185 9,131
Sonoma Stompers 2014 1 Pacific Association 257 3,019
St. Paul Saints 1993 0*** American Association 8,296 26,226
Sugar Land Skeeters 2010 1 Atlantic League 4,672 10,160
Texas AirHogs 2007 1 American Association 1,173 1,542
Washington Wild Things 1997 1 Frontier 1,884 5,129
Windy City ThunderBolts 1995 3 Frontier 1,672 2,303
York Revolution 2006 3 Atlantic League 3,155 6,140

*2 in former Northern League
** 1 in former North American Baseball League
*** 4 in former Northern League

The Competition

The seedings for the 16-team battle royale were announced on the recent Bat Flips & Nerds podcast. The positions are entirely subjective and mostly based on the tables of data above along with a good dose of ignorance. Give the pod a listen here:

The full bracket can be found using this link.

Round of 16:

St. Paul Saints [1] vs San Rafael Pacifics [16]
Somerset Patriots [2] vs Cleburne Railroaders [15]
Schaumburg Boomers [3] vs New Britain Bees [14]
Kansas City T-Bones [4 vs Washington Wild Things [13]
York Revolution [5] vs Windy City ThunderBolts [12]
Lancaster Barnstormers [6] vs Rockland Boulders [11]
Sonoma Stompers [7] vs Gary SouthShore RailCats [10]
Texas AirHogs [8] vs Sugar Land Skeeters [9]

For those keen to learn more about independent baseball – read this introductory article

Still undecided?

Then why not simply choose your favourite logo from those below?


  1. FYI guys, Bradley International Airport would be the closest to New Britain. Its 40 minutes from the ballpark. They have flights from Aer Lingus and I think a couple of other low-cost European airlines.

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