Why baseball?

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Let me tell you. I’m not an expert on baseball, in fact I know very little of this incredible game.

Despite this, in a matter of months of following the game I have discovered a uniqueness unlike any other sport. For me, baseball embodies all that sport should be; great venues, fantastic food, unmatched athleticism and most of all great people.

Through watching multiple YouTube channel’s such as; THE ‘Zack Hample’ and another series ‘Tour 2 Thirty’ the viewer is given an inside look into all things baseball. Through these content creators I was able to learn about many baseball related facts. However, the coolest thing for me was getting a glimpse of the ballpark food and all the glitz and glamour that comes with attending an MLB game. This inspired me to visit Boston in February, where I was able to take a tour of the majestic Fenway Park. An experience I would never forget. Learning of baseball greats like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth and Pedro Martinez provided me with a profound love for the team. The infamous ‘curse of the bambino’ story grabbed me best of all, as it showed the determined nature of a ball club, who’s never die attitude outweighs the enormous success of teams like the Yankees. How’d that 2004 ALCS series taste Yankee fans? The ensuing series with the cardinals, was steeped in folklore for the Boston faithful. Sweeping the Cards 4-0, made it all the sweeter. Despite these amazing stories and players, the greatest attribute of the Red Sox are those amazing fans. The typical Bostonian is mad for sports and some of the most friendly people you could ever wish to meet. What more can you ask for?

Furthermore, I believe the best thing about baseball is its unrivalled ability to bring fans together. The biggest proof of this, in my opinion, is the events of the Boston bombings in 2013. This deadly event, which struck the heart of Boston, fuelled a fire within. That season a Red Sox team, who nobody pred icted would go far in the World Series were motivated by the deadly events of the 15th of April, 2013. Big Papi and co, would defy the odds by defeating the Rays, the Tigers and were faced with the task of facing the Cardinals once more. Eventually, clinching the series after just 6 games. I feel that undoubtedly, baseball was the reason Boston came together, the reason that Boston’s wounds could be healed and a catalyst for peace in the city. If a sport can single-handedly defeat terrorism, what more of a reason can I give to love this fantastic sport.

I would like to conclude this article by discussing the exciting times ahead. As all baseball fanatics found out last week, the heated rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees will be making a long awaited trip to the United Kingdom. This incredible news has lit social media alight, proving there truly is no better time than now to buckle up, strap yourself in and ride the hype train that is Major League Baseball in the our backyard.

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  1. Greg, it’s great baseball has captivated you and there is always something new and wonderful to learn. I haven’t been to Fenway but I have attended Yankee Stadium! My favourite, though, is Wrigley Field. It’s a credit to all the sports we love that they bring people together from across the world. Baseball can be enjoyed in so many ways and for me the international tournaments, and gaining insights to baseball cultures around the world feeds my appetite well.

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