Tom’s Bumper Fantasy Baseball Style MLB Standings Extravaganza

I recently read a tweet that the Padres had the best record of the NL West since the 1st of May.

There it is.

It got me thinking about the standings and how teams can perform very differently from month to month. Remember the hot start the Mets had this year? Remember how all their injury woes were over? Yeah, they are bad right now.

So how differently have teams performed month to month so far this season?

Well, lets take a look. We will use my patent pending, copyright, trademarked Fantasy Baseball Roto Style scoring system. What does that mean?

Well, if a team has the highest winning percentage of that month, they score 30 points, the second place team get 29, this continues all the way down to the last place team that month getting 1.

“What happens if they are tied for winning percentage?!” I hear one person scream (Thanks for reading, Mom.) – Well, lets say the Red Sox and Yankees have the highest winning percentage that month. They will both score 30, the next team will score 28 (3rd place) as there isn’t technically a 2nd place.

Make sense? Probably not.

Without further delay, here are the scores for each month and a running total.

Tada! I can do VLOOKUP (If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry).

Lets take a look at the table and see what we can work out. Well, the Mets, as expected had a hot start and tapered off quite a lot. But not as much as their NL buddies the Diamondbacks. That’s a serious drop from Mar/Apr to May going a full 27 point swing.

Wait a minute, I could do more chart work.

Now remember, this doesn’t mean the teams on the left are leading the table, but they are having a better run compared to the previous month. We have Boston sitting at -3, but they still lead overall, it just means they haven’t done as well in May.

Who’s hot and who’s not?


Nationals (fair enough), Padres (What?) and Reds (WTAF?)!


Blue Jays (Ouch), Mets (Can they get Matt Harvey back?), Diamondbacks (Humi-doh!)

I’m not sure how much strict analysis can be gained from this, it’s just a bit of fun and could be interesting come the seasons end.

If all else fails, it will keep me occupied, off the streets and stop me going to birthday parties incorrectly dressed.

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