Tom’s Bumper Fantasy Baseball Style MLB Standings Extravaganza – June Update

In our first part, we looked at me dressed in a Pirates t-shirt and we discovered I could do VLOOKUP on excel.

I also explained exactly what I’m trying to do here, so rather than me explain it all again, please go check out the post above.


Ok, here we go with the latest updates.

The usual suspects are at the top, with none of the top four teams dropping below 22 points in a month this season. These four teams in the AL are seriously opening a gap with the rest of the league, with a 10+ points advantage over the next best competitor, the Atlanta Braves.

Down the bottom, we see the usual collection of the Orioles, White Sox and Royals. The Royals being the only team in that bottom three to have a double digit scoring month (12 in May 18).

But wait, weren’t the Reds down there? Time to check out the movers and shakers in the Hot or Not chart.

There are our Reds! Having a +10 point shift from last month. The Brewers have seen a drop off from May, along with a lesser drop from the Cardinals. Meanwhile the Cubs have slightly improved.

The D’Backs have come back with a real surge by topping the points differential with +27 when they were bottom last month at -27.

The D’Backs points totals this year are:

  • Mar/Apr 29 points
  • May 2 points
  • June 29 points

I hope they can continue this great run of awesome month, terrible month, for the whole year.

Sticking with the NL West, another point of interest is the Dodgers having a +12 point swing on the month of May. Continuing an upward trend of points scored of 10, 14, 26 so far. The Giants have also had a good month, meaning they have jumped out of the bottom third of the overall standings for the first time this year.

Shifting across to the east coast, we see the Nationals have collapsed after topping the table in May. Their -25 swing is the largest we have seen this month. With the Mets, Phillies and Braves all showing negative swings this month, only the Marlins came out of the NL East with a positive swing, taking +10 between May and June.

Another great performance has seen the Toronto Blue Jays have a +14 point swing after a disastrous May.

I’ll leave you all to stare, confused and bewildered at my charts and ramblings.

I’ll get back to the blazing heat of the Mediterranean.

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