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Well, I’ll try and stop that by letting you know a full explanation of what we’re doing here can be found in the original post. Right here.

The basics are, are the end of the month I look at a teams winning percentage for that month. Whomever is top of the leaderboard gets 30 points. The points then work down 29, 28, 27 etc until one team has 1 point. Just like a rotisserie fantasy baseball league.

I’m still not sure what this is proving, but it’s a bit of fun and shows which teams are hot, which teams are not and where the biggest swing from the previous month is. Lets get to it.

So, this months big winners are the Boston Red Sox, scoring the perfect 30 all on their own. With that top score, they also now top the table with 117 points. Really extending that lead in the overall points table, unlike Seattle who had single digits (9) for the first time this season.

What about the bottom of the table? Well, it’s still the Orioles and the White Sox who are still hitting those single figures. Which team will be first to break the big double digit barrier? This is like watching Roger Bannister try and break the 4-minute mile. Come on White Sox, you nearly had it with 8 points in June.

Let’s get onto the swing-o-meter.

Well, how ’bout dem Rockies? Also, the Pirates! We all thought they were done after their warm start, well the kettle has boiled up again. They are officially hot to touch. Also, it now makes total sense why the Mets held onto their starters, look at that 14 point swing for them. It’s just over half as many runs as they gave up last night.

Other end of the table, we’ve already discussed the Mariners drop, the Rangers who are bad anyway are down there and then a double hit of the NL West’s Giants and D’Backs. The D’Backs being the more important out of the two of those, hence some of the moves they made yesterday.

How about everyone else? Well, it’s actually been pretty even in terms of swing for the rest of the field. With 17 teams sitting in the area of +6 to -3. Is the season starting to even up and balance out? Will the Orioles ever break double digits? Why did the Pirates trade away so much for Chris Archer? Does anyone read this? If so, tweet “Farts” direct @ the Bat Flips and Nerds Twitter account.

Until next time, stay confused.

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