Episode 86 – San Diego Padres, Phil Hughes interview

Our very first active Major Leaguer, Phil Hughes, joins Tom just before he “ships out” to Miller Park to face the Brewers and attempt to take the series.

They talk about Phil’s favourite team growing up, his World Series championship in 2009, what he learned from Mariano Rivera, how the K/BB record affected his game, his very active twitter profile and if his name is the least baseball name in baseball. They finish off by exploring some excellent listener questions, including facing Miguel Cabrera.

You can follow Phil’s very active twitter account on http://www.twitter.com/pjhughes45

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  1. Congratulations on a great interview! It’s special to break-through more levels of baseball, and chatting with an active major league player like Phil Hughes confirms the notable progress you’re making as a source for baseball.

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