Episode 95 – The Evil Wizard of Legal Positivism

John begins the show going crazy about the Jose Altuve “home run” reactions, whilst trying to stay calm.

Tom then tries to bring John down by making reference to his now famous “passed ball” line.

Darius laughs at both of them whilst they go back and forth all about the Red Sox and how they have surprised most this series.

The team then move onto the Brewers and their secret plan to use Wade Miley for one hitter, before bringing in Brandon Woodruff. Except it may be that everyone knew the plan before it happened.

Manny “Johnny Hustle”, “Calf Kicker” Machado is discussed, which Tom begins ranting about before his youngest daughter interrupts proceedings.

John then wants Darius to tell him something good thats happened in the postseason because the episode so far has been miserable.

Then Darius rounds it off by giving his LCS predictions for the rest of the way (He’s not very bold).

Jackie Bradley Junior is the ALCS MVP.

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