ARod Declares MLB London Ticket Rush Officially ‘Open’ (Soon)

MLB Legend and Former Yankee Alex ‘BaeRod’ Rodriguez was in London today for the news we’ve all been waiting for – an announcement of the opening of ticket sales for next year’s MLB London Series, heretofore and forever known as for ‘Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019’ everywhere other than here.

Look at BaeRod up there next to that Red Sox shirt, wishing he’d completed that 2003 trade and won three World Series rings, instead of a measly one. Bless him.

The big news is that those who have pre-registered their interest will get exclusive access to purchase tickets to the historic games from 10:00 GMT on Monday 3rd December, with general sale from the same time on Thursday 6th December. There’ll be 57,000 tickets for each game.

So, this is your last chance for fans to pre-register for priority access to tickets via

In a pre-rehearsed statement, Rodriguez told a throng which did not include your heroes here:

“The Mitel & MLB London Series 2019 is going to be huge.The fact that the Red Sox are heading over as World Series Champions is only going to make the Yankees even more fired up and hungry to win. It’s great that Major League Baseball is bringing games to London and starting with a series of this calibre is extra special. It’s only the beginning and I can’t wait to return next year.”

Charlie Hill, Major League Baseball’s handsome UK head honcho added:

“We’re expecting a very high demand for tickets, so I’d really encourage fans to jump onto and make sure they sign up to get access to tickets before they go on general sale.”

There’ll be more on this in this week’s podcast. You lucky, lucky sods.


  1. You can’t assume the Red Sox will make the same trades and moves if they acquired ARod. What a stupid statement for what should be an exciting announcement and article

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