Bat Flips and Nerds Does Pitchers and Catchers

My day job has many variables that can destroy plans in an instant, so forgive me if I milk this one a little bit but it’s rare the stars align and allow such a day to happen.

I will finally see big league baseball (sort of).

For those still in the dark, I’m currently sat in a hotel in Peoria, Arizona, about to go to bed. Because tomorrow, the San Diego Padres have been kind enough to allow Bat Flips and Nerds (and you the reader) the opportunity to learn about the Pitchers and Catchers phase of Spring Training. As I will be reporting to their facility in the morning and be given access to this first step in a new baseball season.

After making the 4 ½ hour drive down from Las Vegas (Torrential rain and potholed roads *shudder* – see the Periscope post for details), I’m ready to Periscope, film, write and record all I can from Spring Training and the San Diego Padres. Allowing you, the reader, listener, follower to get a feeling of what it’s like to be here.

It’s time for bed, if I can sleep that is.

Photo courtesy of the San Diego Padres Flipboard

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