John and Tom take on the Boomstick

Tom is an idiot, we know that.

So when the opportunity to take on a 2ft hot dog, solo, Tom jumped at the chance.

John however, was not so sure, but because Tom needed someone to race against, he knew he had to do it.

So, what is a Boomstick? Well it’s a special hot dog created by Delaware North. Let me allow them to explain:

The legendary Boomstick was heaped to life in 2011 by a team of overachievers from Delaware North at Globe Life Park in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers. This 2-foot-long hot dog has been credited with igniting the MLB food explosion and upping the concession offerings at ballparks around the country.

The story behind the monster dog began during the 2010 World Series, when the Delaware North team in Arlington created the Backyard Dog – a half-pound hot dog, covered in BBQ beans and topped with BBQ potato chips. Sales surpassed all expectations, and it was clear that baseball fans were hungry for more.

Four months later, while designing the menu for the upcoming season, the team discarded all sensibility and created an item that quadrupled the size of the Backyard Dog, added chili, nacho cheese and jalapenos. The only challenge was sourcing the ingredients and finding a carrier sturdy enough to hold the 3-pound hot dog.

The Delaware North team found a vendor with a 2-foot-long hot dog and used a local bakery to customize a bun; a carrier was then designed that allowed fans to safely and comfortably tote the massive sharable item to their seats.

As for the name: At the time, Nelson Cruz was becoming the Rangers’ premier slugger. He was hitting tape-measure walk-off home runs with his bat that he had affectionately nicknamed “The Boomstick.”

The Boomstick was boldly priced at $26 and marketed as an item that could feed a family of four. When it was unveiled to the media, it became an overnight sensation. The Rangers elevated the hype by publicly promoting this first-of-its-kind item sold only at the ballpark. There were Boomstick T-shirts, Boomstick eating contests, countless media stories and a Boomstick Facebook and Twitter page. The Delaware North team even built a Boomstick Mobile that would drive on the field before each game.

By Opening Day, the Boomstick was a local and national sensation. More than 500 Boomsticks were sold in the first day; in the first year, revenue from the Boomstick alone nearly topped $1 million.

The Boomstick lives on at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Delaware North built a dedicated stand that sells the Boomstick and other oversized items that it has inspired over the years. People still try to eat the Boomstick by themselves … kids still stare and smile in amazement … and adults still carry the dog on their shoulder like a 1980s boom-box – all smiling ear to ear.

The world record for devouring one of the monsters solo is 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Tom (Stupidly) said he could easily crack 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

The British record (Set earlier on the Friday of the London Series) was set by an Invictus Athlete at a time of 6 minutes.

The challenge was on.

Want to see how the boys got on? Check out the video below.

Of course, the idiot Pringle finished it. In a time of 9 minutes and 50 seconds.

A broken man
A stupid man

During and after the challenge, both John and Tom agreed the hot dog tasted fantastic. Tom even commented on the latest pod, that except for the breakfast they had on Saturday morning, the Boomstick was the best food they had all weekend.

Fancy a go? Well you’ll have to wait until Delaware North return to the London Series in 2020, or go wherever Nelson Cruz does his stuff. For now, that’s Minnesota.

We would like to thank Delaware North for allowing these two fools to try and take on your delicious hot dog, solo. We’d like to apologise to Delaware North that John wasted a third of a hot dog.

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