Podcast Episode 185 – Dan Straily

Veteran MLB hurler Dan Straily talks about his ‘Journeyman’ career in the bigs with Oakland, Houston, the Cubs, Reds and Marlins. He shares stories of taking the field with Giancarlo Stanton in his MVP year, why Christian Yelich has prospered in Milwaukee and why Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips are so revered in Cincinnati.

He also digs into the coaches who have moulded him, from A’s Pitching Co-Ordinator Gil Patterson, legendary Astros Pitching guru Brent Strom, Reds’ GM Dick Williams and the infamous proprietor of Driveline Baseball, Kyle Boddy as well as his decision to join the Lotte Giants of the KBO.

This is a listen worthy of an hour of any baseball fan’s time.

Listen to “Episode 185 – Dan Straily Joins the Show” on Spreaker.

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