Episode 239 – Chris Colabello Joins the Show

Former Twins and Blue Jays slugger and self styled ‘Indy Ball Hall of Famer’ Chris Colabello joins John to chat about his long route to the bigs, the magical 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, growing up in Italy and representing the Azzurri internationally, and his ongoing quest to correct the PED injustice which ended his career and continues to jeopardise others.

Photo by Miguel Tovar

One comment

  1. Why in the world would any person have a guest that thinks PED penalties are too strong.
    He knows the rules (or should), yet he still took PEDs.
    Look at all the damage PEDs have caused (not limited to), minor league players, high school athletes & others took them, along with many others. What about families torn apart by PED use. Addiction.
    MLB players should be ashamed.
    No sympathy or respect for any PED guys.

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