Episode 252 – GB Baseball, European Championship Special

GB Baseball’s Men’s senior squad are currently playing out in Turin as part of the European Baseball Championship, and have made the quarter-final stage for the first time in 14 years.

Ahead of their clash with the Netherlands, we hear from team broadcaster Chris Knoblock and second baseman Kent Blackstone about the tournament so far, the feeling in camp and the future of the programme.


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  1. Britain could be turned into baseball stronghold overnight. Just look what MLB is doing in China!

    With minimal investment into one proper mid size stadium in London area, baseball could became British national sport. Time to start bombarding Boris and British MPs with letters of support! Family orientated events with food tracks, bars and pop up American shops proofed to be successful countless times. London could easily became European capital of baseball! Be it MLB games in London, or indeed London based MLB team – maybe 4 teams professional league? It doesn’t matter – any path to introducing baseball in a pro way in Britain will be successful!
    Europe loves baseball (just see the enthusiasm in Czechia, Poland, Germany, Holland or Italy) – they just looking for you Brits to do something spectacular – you are the World’s first baseball Champions!

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