Contributors Wanted

Got something to say about baseball? Looking for a way to hone your writing craft, or boost your social media clout?

We’ve got the opportunity for you!

Bat Flips & Nerds is looking for contributors to boost our online presence, and establish us as a ‘go-to’ home baseball coverage on the web with several articles a day to read on our web hub.

Who are we?

The UK’s biggest fan-run baseball podcast and website. We attract over 20,000 visitors per month to, backed by an average of 3,000 pod downloads.

Our writers have gone on to work with the top names in the industry, including Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, Pitcher List and SB Nation.

Who are we looking for?

There’s no set profile. You’ll just be a baseball fan with something to say, ideas about the game and a passion for writing.

No prior writing experience is necessary. You have to start somewhere! Our editorial team will provide feedback and support to help novice and experienced writers alike.

What roles are you looking to fill?

Team Contributors

The backbone of our coverage, our team contributors will contribute two articles per month on their favourite team. Want to tell us about an under the radar prospect, or a managerial calamity? Here’s your chance…

Looking for inspiration?

Check out this Season Review from our Giants scribe Ash Day.

Or how about this paean to Trevor Rogers from Marlins man Tomi.

Social Media Guru

Ever looked at the BFN socials and thought ‘I can do better than that’ – it’s because you absolutely can.

We’re looking for someone to help professionalise our social media output with new templates, and to manage our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We’re also open to ideas on other socials if you think we might benefit from that.

Ideally you’ll be a dab-hand at making engaging content and memes, and at clipping fun and engaging AV content from podcasts and other socials. We’d be looking for someone who is able to contribute around 15-20 posts per week, which would include flagging new articles and one or two pod clips per week, plus other posts as you fancy.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out Loaded Bases and Baseballer on Insta for a taste of what we like.

Great Britain Baseball Lead Writer

Inspired by the GB Mens’ outstanding results this off-season, and keen to follow the guys more closely? Think you can drum up two articles per month on our programmes?

We’re looking for a writer to track GB qualified players in MLB systems, indy ball and the college game through informative new updates, player profiles and the odd interview.

Keen to know more? Listen to John’s pod with National Team Head Coach Drew Spencer.

Analytics Writers

Fancy yourself as a dab-hand with SQL? Think you’re able to root out complex ideas from baseball numbers and present them in an engaging and fun way? Think you can do up to two in-depth articles per month. We want to hear from you!

Check out this piece from the main man Russell for some inspiration – cited by no less authorities as sabermetric pioneer Tom Tango and podcasting legend Ben Lindbergh.

Breaking News Writers

Able to turn out quick reactions to the big stories? Want to help us break the news with swift analysis of big trades and signings? Able to contribute two short pieces per week? This one is for you.

Check Gav’s quirky take on the Guardians name change announcement for a flavour of what we want.

What’s the deal?

As a small, fan-run outfit we aren’t currently able to pay per article. This is a ‘side hustle’ for all of us too. However, we do make a little money after clearing our costs and make sure we use this to treat our contributors.

Conditions permitting all of our writers will be invited to an Offseason Social where beers, snacks and batting cage fun will be ON US.

Should MLB head back to London in the next couple of years, we’d host a get together then too – and hopefully bring along a couple of special guests.

We’ll also promise to support all writers to find their voice with thoughtful and responsive editorial feedback, and will always provide references and enthusiastic support if you want to pursue a big opportunity.

How do I apply?

Fill in the form below. Tell us which role you fancy, and a little bit about yourself.

No need to provide a writing sample at this stage, but if you’re after the Social Media Guru role, please link to your personal feeds or work samples.

Alternatively email John via 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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