So you think you know the 2020’s?

You probably know that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. scored the most runs last season and Freddie Freeman was the highest run-scorer in 2020. But do you know who crossed home plate more than anyone else over the two years of this decade combined?

Here are 12 questions based on the combined totals from 2020 and 2021. Good Luck.

QUIZ: Think you know the 2020's?

Who has scored the most runs over the last two years combined?
Liam Hendricks leads the decade (2020 & 2021) with 52 saves. Who is the only other closer with at least 50?
Who leads the decade with 222 games played?
Who has been hit by the most pitches over the last two seasons?
Los Angeles Dodgers have the best team ERA this decade. What is it?
Which team is tied with the Baltimore Orioles with the worst record (77-145) over the last two years?
How many games has Mike Trout started over the last two years?
Which team has failed to reach 1,000 regular season runs this decade, scoring even fewer than the Arizona Diamondbacks?
Over the last two seasons, which team has stolen the most bases
With 59 home runs, Fernando Tatis Jr. is tied for the most this decade with whom?
Who is the most error-prone in the field with 36 errors over the last two seasons combined?
Juan Soto has taken the most walks so far this decade. Who is second?
QUIZ: Think you know the 2020's?
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Check out page 2 for the answers.

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