San Francisco Giants One to Watch in 2022: Joc Pederson

In a bizarre move during the last offseason, the Cubs replaced Kyle Schwarber in their lineup with, statistically, his twin, Joc Pederson. The deal worked out well for both. Schwarber negotiated himself to secure a four-year, $79 million deal with the Phillies, and Pederson is now the proud possessor of another World Series ring after his heroics with the Braves.

Like former fellow teammate Freddie Freeman, Pederson was deemed surplus to requirements by Atlanta and will start on a new chapter of his career in San Francisco. The fit seems perfect.

The Giants love to utilise platoon advantages, and with the DH and three outfield spots available, you can imagine that no right-handed pitcher will be safe from Pederson’s video-game power.

After the Freeman debacle, I read a depressing comment in a WhatsApp group that “there is no room for sentiment in the business of baseball”, but I disagree.

The gesture of giving Joc’s brother (who was born with Down’s Syndrome) a locker next to the new signing seems to dispel the “no sentiment” notion and will surely cement the bond between Pederson and his new team.

Also, Pederson is not shy about using his new higher profile.

Check out the power of Pederson’s NLCS homer and tell me that you are not seriously looking forward to multiple McCovey Cove splashes.

I know the Dodgers Dream Team looks invincible, but I have such faith in Farhan Zaidi’s genius that I will not be surprised if Joc Pederson becomes a World Series winner for the third straight season.

Featured image of Joc Pederson by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

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