Episode 281 – Cory Gearrin Joins the Show

Nine-year big leaguer across seven franchises, Cory Gearrin, joins John to talk about his storied career in the bigs and his re-birth as a baseball and mental health guru on Twitter. His path includes a journey through the minors with Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel to a Braves clubhouse dominated by his idol Chipper Jones, playing on a Giants team benchmarked by the incredible Buster Posey and irrepressible Hunter Pence and being an early adopter of bespoke pitcher training under the tutelage of Yankees guru Eric Cressey.

This is one to listen to very closely!

Listen to “Episode 281 – Cory Gearrin Joins the Show” on Spreaker.

Featured image of Cory Gearrin by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images.

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