London Series: Cardinals and Cubs to play in MLB London Series 2023

Hold on to your hats, folks. MLB has confirmed that the two teams competing in the 2023 London Series are… drumroll… the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The two games will take place on 24-25 June 2023, marking a return to the home run happy, baseball re-configured London Stadium in East London.

The matchup that we were so looking forward to before the pandemic cruelly took it from us is back. Two rival NL Central ball clubs with superstar power, electric fanbases and rich histories will descend on London for a two-game series in June next year, with the Cardinals serving as the home team.

The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is one of the best in sports

“The Cardinals are excited and honoured to be a part of the London Series next year.  The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is one of the best in sports, and it will be exciting to bring it to Europe for a new audience to experience,” said William DeWitt Jr., Cardinals Chairman and CEO. “I have no doubt that the passionate sports fans in London will love these games and we look forward to creating some new Cardinals fans overseas.”

“The MLB London Series between the Cubs and Cardinals has been in the works for years now and we’re thrilled to finally be able to bring one of baseball’s biggest rivalries to fans abroad in 2023,” said Cubs Executive Chairman Tom Ricketts. “We hope that this series not only excites and entertains but brings more international sports fans to the game we all love.”

Here at Bat Flips and Nerds, we were lucky enough to catch up with former Yankees pitcher and World Series winner, the legendary CC Sabathia to get his thoughts on the announcement.

“As a league we are trying to grow the game globally. Football and basketball has done such a great job and I think it’s time for baseball. It was two perfect teams in 2019 with the Yankees and the Red Sox, and you have two historic teams coming back next year with the Cubs and the Cardinals. We’re trying to show the UK our best product and hopefully expand to more cities and grow the game globally.”

When discussing the rivalry between the participating teams, Sabathia said, “It’s very intense. Both teams have played each other in the [National League] Central for a long time. I hadn’t really realised how big the Cubs and Cardinals rivalry was until I got over there into the Central. It’s like the Yankees and the Red Sox, those two teams hate each other. There has been a lot of bad blood between those two, and I think it’s awesome that we are trying to match up with the classic rivalries and bringing those to the bigger stage.”

You can listen to Darius’s exclusive chat with CC, including his live reaction to the Juan Soto trade, right here

Listen to “Episode 293 – CC Sabathia on the Return of the London Series” on Spreaker.

Look out for plenty more articles in the coming weeks and months, including further details, ticketing news, and in-depth previews of the participating teams. Watch this space.

St. Louis Cardinals will play Chicago Cubs in the MLB World Tour: London Series 2023 on June 24 – 25 at London Stadium. For ticket and event updates, register at


Q: When is the London Series?

A: Major League Baseball’s London Series will be held on 24 and 25 June 2023. The series will be the second played in Europe, following New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox’s historic two-game series in 2019.

Q: Which teams will play in the London Series?

A: St. Louis Cardinals will play Chicago Cubs in a two-game series, which is part of the regular MLB season. St. Louis Cardinals will be the home team for both regular season games.

Q: Where will the London Series be held?

A: Both games will be held at London Stadium, home of West Ham United. The stadium will once again be transformed into a baseball field.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: Tickets will be on sale later this year. Fans should sign up at to be the first to hear about ticketing news.

Q: Will MLB have other events in the lead-up to the London Series?

A: To be the first to hear about everything happening around the London Series, fans should head to and sign up to the mailing list. Also make sure you check out the social media accounts of @MLBEurope, @BatFlips_Nerds and @MLBUKCommunity

Q: Will the London Series return in 2024?

A: Yes, it will be returning to London in 2024 and 2026, but we’re focusing on knocking this series out of the park first.

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