MLB LONDON SERIES: Have you registered for pre-sale access?

Palpable! I love the word palpable (a feeling or atmosphere so intense as to seem almost tangible). And the anticipation for the London Series 2023 between the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals is definitely palpable.

Tickets will shortly be released to a predictable chorus of complaints about the price/ticket touts/online queues, but I, for one, cannot wait.

The game on Saturday, 24 June 2023, will represent only the third MLB game in history played in Europe. Of the thousands of MLB games played over 100+ years, only two have ever happened in Europe. And this will be the first-ever contest between NL teams. We are in truly historic territory.

If I were a betting man, I would suggest that the initial batch of released tickets will be snapped up, stoking the blaze of publicity about this being a sell-out event. I would imagine that periodically more tickets will be released, with some still available as late as the weekend of the games. However, I don’t think I can take that risk, so I intend to be among the first purchasers.

Now that the World Series is done and dusted, London Series ticket news could appear anytime over the next four weeks. Make sure you are registered with MLB to get pre-sales access.

If, when you are completing the MLB application form, you choose “I’m still deciding” for the “Which team are you a fan of? question, can I suggest that you consider the Cincinnati Reds?

Cincinnati Reds: The team is dreadful, the ownership hapless, and the fan base dwindling, but the franchise has history, and better days are ahead… surely. And anyway, supporting the Cubs or Cardinals or Red Sox or Yankees is like supporting Arsenal or Chelsea or Liverpool or either of the Manchester teams. Be different; support the Reds. It’s like supporting Sunderland or West Brom, but without the prestige.

Back to the London Series. While you are in the mood for pre-registering, sign up for advanced access from the London Stadium. There is no harm in covering all the bases – see what I did there?

Finally, to ensure that you never miss a piece of #LondonSeries breaking news, follow these Twitter accounts.

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