Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Week 3 Review

After Week 3, we have 14 unbeaten teams (out of 120), and there is clear daylight in the overall points scored between Richard Davison on 1420 points and the chasing pack.

Six teams impressively broke the 400-point threshold and it was Mark Blakemore in the Champions League who took the honours with the highest weekly score of 425 points. Mark disposed of 2022 champion Ryan Owen (RotoBrits) thanks to a two-start week from Zac Gallen and productive weeks from Marcus Semien and Trea Turner, with Turner accumulating bonus points from the El Capitan UT slot. 

AL CENTRAL: In the battle of the Pirates, it was Jason Toms, with an impressive 400 points who was victorious over Gareth. Other high scorers were Jack Wain (380) and Matthew Robinson (367), but it is Michael Garmston who is the only 3-0 team in the division after a 344-320 win over Callum Franklin.

AL EAST: Dave Nicholson (413) was the division’s biggest scorer in the victory over Ash Day. Harry Broster was another high scorer with 393 points, but it was Ed Jefferies with a 320-275 win over Joey Mellows (Baseball Brit), who holds the only unblemished record in the division.

AL NORTH: With 375 points, the Bat Flips & Nerds team were the highest scorers in the divisions during their win over Scott MacGregor. In the tightest of matchups, Ross Bramley edged out Nick Howell by a single point. Both Chris Jones and Peter Ramsay carry their unbeaten records into Week 4.

AL WEST: Martin Osbourne (368) and Jonathan Oatley (367) were the highest scorers in the division this week, and it is Martin who remains the only 3-0 team in the AL West. The most exciting matchup in the entire league, and possibly for the entire season, was Steve Jones’ win over Charlie Baldwin by just half a point.

NL CENTRAL: An awesome matchup featuring two 400-point scorers occurred in the NL Central, with Carl Taylor eventually taking the win over Richard Davison 421-406. There was a third 400-point scorer in the division when Charlie Deeks beat Scotty Buchanan 413-239. Kevin Orchard won one of the tightest ties of the week with a mere three-point margin over Lee Atkinson. However, it was a winner with just 285 points (Tom Athene) who maintained the only unbeaten record in the NL Central.

NL EAST: Marc Collins was the only 350+ point scorer this week with his 367-236 win over Daniel Woodrow. Last week, we mentioned that GB Official Artist Andy Brown was unlucky to find himself 0-2 despite scoring more points than some 2-0 teams. This week, Andy is 0-3 after a half-point defeat to James Poppleton. That’s the second half-point winning margin in GBfbs this week. Nick Chang, who enjoyed the win over British Baseball Podcast’s Matt, is the only undefeated team in the division.

NL NORTH: Phil Stone’s 363-270 win over Joel Bailey of Four Bases fame kept him at the top of the division, tied with Troy Hutchinson, who beat Martin Wood 334-271. Phil and Troy are the only unbeaten teams in the NL North. The highest overall point scorer in the division, Shaun Barrett, is sitting comfortably in third position.

NL WEST: It was a particularly low-scoring week in the NL West with no teams scoring more than 350 points apart from the Bat Flips & Nerds representative. The Kevin Stimson vs. Daniel Mara matchup was a tight affair, with Kevin taking it by just 2½ points. Rob Kermode and Tom Lock remain at the top of the division with their shiny 3-0 records.

BASEMENT: With 368 points, Tim Brown was the top point scorer in the Basement division but the plaudits go to Alan Ford, the father of GB superstar catcher, Harry, who recovered from his dodgy start to the season with an empathic 321-275 win over Bat Flips & Nerds. Mal Balmford and Pat Davenport enjoyed victories to keep their unbeaten record intact.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: As mentioned at the outset, Mark Blakemore enjoyed a bumper week with 425 points in an emphatic victory over RotoBrits. Birds with Balls were exceptionally unlucky not to pick up their first win of the season by falling short by just four points against Adam Nicholson. Deep League Roto’s Gav finished the week as the only undefeated team in the division.


PosTeamPts FPts AStreakDivision
1Richard Davison142013041 (L)NL Central
2Gav (Deep League Roto)136110943 (W)Champions League
3Martin Osborne134611373 (W)AL West
4Charlie Deeks134510522 (W)NL Central
5Manc Baseball125411711 (L)AL North
6Mark Finbow125310142 (W)NL East
7Bat Flips & Nerds124311251 (W)AL North
8Dan Roach124210041 (L)AL East
9Michael Garmston124110763 (W)AL Central
10Ed Jefferies12389533 (W)AL East
11Bat Flips & Nerds123511391 (W)NL West
12Euan Leith123111241 (L)Basement
13Shaun Barrett122410431 (L)NL North
14Matthew Robinson121411232 (W)AL Central
15Gareth Neale120511562 (W)Basement
16Dave Nicholson120410701 (W)AL East
17Mal Bamford12039483 (W)Basement
18Jason Toms119611601 (W)AL Central
19James Thorpe119211581 (L)NL West
20Jamie Steed (Rotoballer)119112392 (L)Champions League
21Chris Deeley118911531 (W)AL West
22Phil Stone118410003 (W)NL North
23Bat Flips & Nerds118211131 (W)NL North
24Callum Cockerill117711151 (L)NL Central
25Jack Wain11769872 (W)AL Central
26Harry Broster116910891 (W)AL East
27Paul Dearnley116512103 (L)AL West
28David McLaren116411181 (L)AL East
29Ash Smith11619891 (W)Basement
30Ben Jones115410771 (L)NL East
31Chris Jones11539383 (W)AL North
32David Runciman11529271 (L)Champions League
33Andy Moore115112511 (W)AL North
34Scott MacGregor114910801 (L)AL North
35Troy Hutchinson114810243 (W)NL North
36Luke Kendrick11489941 (L)NL West
37Adam Cockerill114611972 (L)NL Central
38Carl Taylor114612481 (W)NL Central
39Matthew Greig114510211 (W)NL East
40James Poppleton114411761 (W)NL East
41Rob Kermode114411003 (W)NL West
42Mark Blakemore11419912 (W)Champions League
43BaseballSoftballUK (Chris)113710871 (L)NL West
44Ryan Owen (RotoBrits)113613001 (L)Champions League
45Bat Flips & Nerds113211212 (W)AL East
46Paul Denyer113011611 (W)NL West
47Peter Ramsay11309583 (W)AL North
48Tom Athene11299733 (W)NL Central
49Adam Nicholson112610362 (W)Champions League
50Michael Annison112510421 (W)AL East
51Rob Whannel112511391 (L)AL Central
52Tim Brown112510651 (W)Basement
53UK Brew Crew (Mark)112110972 (W)NL North
54Bat Flips & Nerds111910282 (L)AL West
55Darius Austin (Baseball Prospectus)111610432 (W)Champions League
56Tom Lock111410883 (W)NL West
57Ross Bramley110811221 (W)AL North
58Steve Jones110610452 (W)AL West
59Brent Bentley110611341 (W)NL Central
60Russell Eassom110611901 (W)Champions League
61Tom Hotchin110510981 (L)AL Central
62Nick Howell110311913 (L)AL North
63Christopher Stone109710011 (W)AL West
64Alex Hudson109611913 (L)AL West
65Charles Baldwin109610881 (L)AL West
66John Loftus109310811 (W)NL North
67British Baseball Federation (Tom)108410311 (L)AL East
68Bat Flips & Nerds108011112 (L)AL Central
69Bat Flips & Nerds108010241 (L)NL East
70Steve Pardoe108010391 (W)AL Central
71Callum Franklin107911451 (L)AL Central
72Bubba on Baseball (Jason)107710052 (W)NL East
73East Mids Meetups (Matt)107111523 (L)NL North
74Bat Flips & Nerds106911061 (L)NL Central
75Marc Collins106910851 (W)NL East
76Jon Lansdown106611773 (L)Basement
77Nick Chang10649233 (W)NL East
78Bat Flips & Nerds106210361 (L)Basement
79Martin Wood105910722 (L)NL North
80Nick Wright (MLB UK Community)105910751 (W)Champions League
81Tom Drake105611161 (L)NL North
82Josh Salter105110661 (L)AL North
83Matthew Sutton105012233 (L)NL West
84Jonny Gould & James Holden10509982 (L)Champions League
85Neil Littlewood104911321 (W)NL Central
86Jonathan Oatley104711202 (W)AL West
87Nathan Lewis104712002 (L)Basement
88Ian Carter103910341 (L)AL West
89Patrick Davenport103810293 (W)Basement
90Jack Gallagher103710961 (L)NL East
91Lee Atkinson103110562 (L)NL Central
92Kevin Orchard102711351 (W)NL Central
93Karl Cobane102510351 (L)AL North
94British Baseball Podcast (Matt)102011802 (L)NL East
95Alan Ford101811111 (W)Basement
96Ross Arieta101311913 (L)Basement
97Timothy Burtt101311241 (W)NL North
98Pirates UK (Gareth)101211953 (L)AL Central
99Baseball Brit (Joey)100711293 (L)AL East
100Nick Wilson-Smith100711201 (L)NL North
101Steve Merry100610201 (W)NL West
102Ollie Shore99711411 (L)Basement
103Scotty Buchanan99711901 (L)NL Central
104GB Official Artist (Andy Brown)99612123 (L)NL East
105Four Bases (Joel)99312102 (L)NL North
106Mark Varley98311081 (L)AL East
107Daniel Mara9829893 (L)NL West
108Ben Salvi95611191 (W)AL North
109Ryan Ferguson95512223 (L)AL North
110Daniel Woodrow95011773 (L)NL East
111Tim Bowman93912391 (W)AL East
112John Eccles93710171 (L)NL West
113Tracey (Birds with Balls)93612993 (L)Champions League
114Paul Hepburn93210641 (L)AL West
115Tim Brown93210931 (W)AL West
116David Barnett9309681 (W)AL Central
117Rob Noverraz92311082 (L)Champions League
118Kevin Stimson90410021 (W)NL West
119Ash Day88612703 (L)AL East
120Jamie Wyman87910753 (L)AL Central

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Featured image of Zac Gallen by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

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