Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague: Week Five Review

After five weeks, three teams have accumulated more than 2000 points: Richard Davidson and Charlie Deeks, both in the NL Central, and Deep League Roto (aka me) in the Champions League.

Despite their huge points tallies, neither Richard nor Charlie are one of the six teams with an unblemished 5-0 record; they are Michael Garmston, Phil Stone, Ed Jefferies, Troy Hutchinson, Peter Ramsay, and Deep League Roto (aka me). You can see why I write these articles.

If you don’t want to read the rest of the GBfbs waffle, scroll straight down to the overall rankings at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, don’t forget that you only need to finish in the top four in your division to make the playoffs, so EVERYONE is still in with a good chance of making it.

Richard Davidson, with 436 points, was the highest points scorer this week, although it could have been more as Jose Alvarado and Joe Musgrove both cost him points. Want to see how to score 400+ points in a week? This is how…


Matthew Robinson (392 points) and Michael Garmston (353 points) led the way in the division in the division this week. Michael remains unbeaten on 5-0, just ahead of Matthew Robinson on 4-1. Jack Wain joins Michael and Matthew by breaking the 1800-point mark and is one of five teams on 3-2.

Pirates UK (Gareth) must count himself as unlucky as being the team that whose opponents have scored the most points.


Ed Jefferies is the only unbeaten team in the league and takes his 5-0 record into Week Six. Harry Broster is looking good at 4-1.

Dave Nicholson remains one the most unfortunate in the entire Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague as he has a losing 2-3 record despite an enormous points tally of 1848.

Ash Day and Tim Bowman can also count themselves as unlucky as their opponents have scored more than 1800 points in matchups against them.


Josh Salter (384 points) and Peter Ramsay (365 points) both enjoyed good weeks, but it is Peter who leads the way in the division with a 5-0 record. Chris Jones is also sitting pretty at 4-1.

The ball has been falling well for Andy Moore‘s opponents, who have racked up 1799 points in matchups against him. By comparison, unbeaten Peter Ramsay’s opponents have only scored 1413 points.


In the top of the table clash, Steve Jones got the win over previously unbeaten Martin Osborne, and both are tied 4-1 with Chris Deeley who had the best week in the division with 399 points,

There are no undefeated teams in this highly competitive division, but it is Martin who has a clear margin in the Points Scored tally with 1898.

Strength of schedule or just bad luck, but Alex Hudson‘s team has suffered by opponents scoring more points in those matchups than against any other team.


It appears that Richard Davison (436 points) in the win over Tom Athene, and Charlie Deeks (401 points) in the victory over Kevin Orchard are playing a different game to the rest of us. Both Richard (2132 points) and Charlie (2008 points) are two of the top three scorers in the entire GBfbs.

With no undefeated teams and no winless teams, this is arguably the most competitive division in the Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague.

Carl Taylor is impressing with his 2-3 record despite opponents amassing 1820 points in matchups against him – only three teams across the Superleague have had more points scored against them. And he was dreadfully unlucky to take the loss against Neil Littlewood. It’s not often you score 363 points and lose.


The Nick Chang team continued its amazing run to maintain the 4-1 record with a half-point win over Ben Jones.

Incredibly, Nick has scored 280 points fewer than another 4-1 team, Mark Finbow. With 1870 points, Mark is the most dominant team in the division

Once again, GB Official Artist (Andy Brown)‘s run of poor luck shows no sign of changing. Andy’s opponents have combined for over 1800 points in matchups against him.


Shaun Barrett was the victor in the high-scoring matchup against Tom Drake. Shaun remains one of the top-scoring teams in the entire GBfbs with 1839 points.

However, it is Phil Stone (1856 points) and Troy Hutchinson (1768) who are the unbeaten teams in the division and take their 5-0 record into Week Six.

Got to feel sorry for East Mids Meetups (Matt) whose opponents have scored a staggering 1836 points in matchups against him.

Talk about not having your head in the game! I don’t know exactly when Four Bases (Joel) and Julia got engaged, but Joel is on a four-game losing streak.


The biggest shock of the week came when 0-4 Daniel Mara scored a massive 375 points to beat one of the division stars, Tom Lock.

Matthew Sutton was the highest point scoring in the division with 382 points, but it is Rob Kermode and Luke Kendrick who sit at the top of the competitive NL West, a division with no 5-0 or 0-5 records.


Fantastic win for Ash Smith with 355 points to beat the previously undefeated Mal Bamford, although Mal remains tied at the top of the division. There were also great wins for Tim Brown (363 points) and Jon Lansdown (359 points).

Got to feel sorry for Ross Arieta who has suffered by facing high-scoring opponents that have tallied over 1800 points in matchups against him.

Gareth Neale, who lost in Week One, is now tied at the top with Mal and Ash after his fourth straight win. This division looks very tight.


What a matchup between two of the big hitters in the Champions League when RotoBrits’ Ryan Owen took the win by half a point over Baseball Prospectus’ Darius Austin.

Adam Nicholson, who actually scored the same number of points as Darius (347), won his matchup over LA Angels/MLB UK Community’s Nick Wright, taking him into second in the division. Since his initial Week One defeat, Adam has looked unstoppable.

With nine of the teams on 3-2 or 2-3, the battle for the Champions League will stay hot throughout the season.

There are 120 teams in the GBfbs, and six of those have suffered by facing hot-hitting opponents tallying over 1800 points in matchups against them. Birds with Balls are the least fortunate of the teams across all 10 divisions, having had 1888 points scored against them. Second on this list is RotoBrits (Ryan Owen), whose 2-3 record is rather incredible considering his opponents have scored 1846 points.


1Richard Davison4121321771NL Central
2Gav (Deep League Roto)5020191688Championship
3Charlie Deeks4120081619NL Central
4Martin Osborne4118981716AL West
5Bat Flips & Nerds3218841731AL North
6Michael Garmston5018831629AL Central
7Matthew Robinson4118741759AL Central
8Mark Finbow4118701578NL East
9Phil Stone5018561571NL North
10Bat Flips & Nerds3218511702NL West
11Manc Baseball3218461688AL North
12Shaun Barrett3218391651NL North
13Ed Jefferies5018161472AL East
14Dave Nicholson2318141671AL East
15Chris Deeley4118061630AL West
16Bat Flips & Nerds4118011682AL East
17Jack Wain3218011540AL Central
18Bat Flips & Nerds4117821612NL North
19Mal Bamford4117691482Basement
20Troy Hutchinson5017681500NL North
21Gareth Neale4117661639Basement
22Dan Roach3217591550AL East
23Harry Broster4117521519AL East
24Jason Toms2317511758AL Central
25Bat Flips & Nerds3217471613AL Central
26Callum Cockerill3217401515NL Central
27Peter Ramsay5017381413AL North
28Matthew Greig3217231607NL East
29Bat Flips & Nerds3217221502AL West
30Paul Dearnley2317161709AL West
31Adam Nicholson4117161538Championship
32Bat Flips & Nerds4117131525Basement
33James Poppleton3217111676NL East
34Andy Moore2317051799AL North
35Russell Eassom3217011567Championship
36Ash Smith4117011469Basement
37David Runciman3217001483Championship
38Carl Taylor2316991820NL Central
39Luke Kendrick4116891458NL West
40David McLaren2316861639AL East
41Rob Kermode4116841599NL West
42Euan Leith2316831779Basement
43Chris Jones4116831467AL North
44Scott MacGregor3216771577AL North
45Josh Salter3216651462AL North
46Matthew Sutton2316641669NL West
47Steve Pardoe3216621633AL Central
48Bat Flips & Nerds4116601460NL East
49Tim Brown2316591536Basement
50BaseballSoftballUK (Chris)3216581630NL West
51Ryan Owen (RotoBrits)2316571846Championship
52Tom Lock3216551721NL West
53Rob Whannel3216541750AL Central
54Mark Blakemore2316541581Championship
55Steve Jones4116491508AL West
56James Thorpe2316471715NL West
57Kevin Orchard2316461730NL Central
58Marc Collins3216461626NL East
59Adam Cockerill3216461614NL Central
60Jamie Steed (Rotoballer)3216451718Championship
61Jon Lansdown2316421560Basement
62Ben Jones2316331537NL East
63Neil Littlewood3216321733NL Central
64Darius Austin (Baseball Prospectus)2316261613Championship
65John Loftus1416191637NL North
66Michael Annison3216181529AL East
67Brent Bentley3216081609NL Central
68Callum Franklin2316041725AL Central
69Tom Hotchin3216031555AL Central
70Nick Howell2316031590AL North
71Tom Drake2315951661NL North
72Martin Wood3215951562NL North
73Charles Baldwin3215891615AL West
74Nick Chang4115881460NL East
75Paul Denyer1415871751NL West
76Baseball Brit (Joey)1415851677AL East
77Tom Athene3215831637NL Central
78East Mids Meetups (Matt)1415791836NL North
79Jonny Gould & James Holden2315751507Championship
80Nick Wright (MLB UK Community)2315691585Championship
81Daniel Mara1415651530NL West
82UK Brew Crew (Mark)2315631632NL North
83Bat Flips & Nerds1415611679NL Central
84Alex Hudson0515601767AL West
85Pirates UK (Gareth)0515541774AL Central
86Jonathan Oatley2315521743AL West
87Ross Bramley2315491692AL North
88British Baseball Podcast (Matt)1415441740NL East
89Nick Wilson-Smith2315391618NL North
90David Barnett1415371658AL Central
91Steve Merry3215351551NL West
92Jack Gallagher3215341501NL East
93Christopher Stone2315271535AL West
94Ollie Shore2315221592Basement
95Nathan Lewis1415201727Basement
96Ian Carter2315201520AL West
97Four Bases (Joel)1415191733NL North
98Ross Arieta0515191806Basement
99Bubba on Baseball (Jason)2315071605NL East
100Mark Varley2314901721AL East
101John Eccles2314821584NL West
102Timothy Burtt1414791723NL North
103Tim Brown2314731630AL West
104Lee Atkinson1414681698NL Central
105Rob Noverraz2314671670Championship
106British Baseball Federation (Tom)2314621541AL East
107Ben Salvi1414611752AL North
108Jamie Wyman1414561732AL Central
109Karl Cobane2314431611AL North
110GB Official Artist (Andy Brown)0514381801NL East
111Paul Hepburn2314221558AL West
112Patrick Davenport3214131573Basement
113Tim Bowman1414091765AL East
114Alan Ford2314011620Basement
115Kevin Stimson2313831489NL West
116Ash Day1413711795AL East
117Daniel Woodrow1413581622NL East
118Tracey (Birds with Balls)0513551888Championship
119Scotty Buchanan1413361635NL Central
120Ryan Ferguson0513001772AL North

Featured image by Matthew Grimes Jr.

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