London Series: Are you motivated to be the next Ian Happ?

As a British baseball fan, that was one of the greatest sporting weekends of my life. Having the Cubs and Cardinals visit London to battle it out in meaningful, regular-season games still feels unreal.

And also, as a British baseball fan, I am indebted to MLB Europe, British Baseball Federation, Baseball Softball UK, GB Baseball, MLB UK Community, Bat Flips & Nerds, and everyone else involved in putting on the London Series. Chapeau.

Did the games inspire you to play baseball? If so, read on

There are probably over 100 baseball teams across the country, and no matter your ability (or lack of ability, in my case), you can almost guarantee they will welcome you with open arms.


There will be a team close to you.

Use the TEAM FINDER to find your local team

The popularity of the sport is exploding in the UK, so even if you don’t fancy playing, your local team will need coaches and volunteers. Let the MLB London Series inspire you to get involved.

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Take the leap into baseball (or softball) in the UK. Good luck!

Photo credit Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images.

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