Five Bold Predictions from the Bat Flips & Nerds team (part 2)

We are guessing that you have read Gav’s 30 BOLDish Predictions (one for each MLB team) and Part 1 of this series from the Bat Flips & Nerds team, so without further ado, here are more Bat Flips & Nerds bold predictions.

First up is Charlie Deeks. A skilful shortstop for the Bristol Buccanneers, Charlie’s patience at the plate saw him walk five times more than he struck out. It is also probable that he is the only member of the Bat Flips & Nerds extended family who has appeared on Only Connect.

Charlie Deeks

1. The Atlanta Braves get reverse swept in the World Series

This is my effort to reverse-jinx this particular outcome. The city of Atlanta has a grim record when it comes to actually winning championships, and after the Falcons’ showing in Super Bowl 51, I will personally never trust a lead again. A reverse sweep has only ever happened once in the MLB playoffs – by the Red Sox over the Yankees in the ALCS when they broke the curse in 2004 – so leave it to the Braves to make history.

2. No single pitcher will throw a no-hitter this year

In comparison to the ‘good old days’, pitchers are getting through complete games at a pitiful rate – in 2023, there were only 35 across MLB. A focus on arm health among pitchers and an uptick in hitting might mean that – for the first time since 2005 – no-one will manage nine hitless innings.

3. Christopher Morel gets MVP votes in 2024

The Cubs’ cat-faced hitter enters the year without a solid defensive position but with a red-hot bat. His Baseball Savant page is redder than one of Roger Clemens’ socks, and if he keeps improving like he has then he has the ability to tear up the league in what will be his third year.

4. Mike Trout wins AL MVP

I still believe. The greatest player of our generation is still great – people just forget because of his uniform. Especially if he plays as the DH more this year, he has a shot at playing all 162 for the first time in a while and putting up some serious numbers.

5. One pitcher will hit a home run

I’m not quite sure how this will work, but I confess to watching a video of Rick Camp’s famous 18th-inning blast for the Braves in 1985 and getting inspired. Only four pitchers even had plate appearances last year – Adam Wainwright (twice!) Shelby Miller, Michael Fulmer and Josh Sborz. One of only two ‘pitchers’ to hit a home run since the universal DH was – oddly – Giants left fielder Luis González, as he pitched a clean top of the eighth inning in a runaway game, only to then hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth against Cardinals pitcher… Albert Pujols. Baseball is weird.

Ash Day has been the most prolific Bat Flips & Nerds writer since before I joined the team. Like Charlie, he represents Bristol Baseball Club, where his dual position eligibility of 2B/OF makes him like a West Country Mookie Betts. I don’t know if Ash has appeared on TV, but I do know that he featured in a San Francisco Chronicle piece by the wonderful Susan Slusser.

Ash Day

  1. Jung Hoo Lee wins NL Rookie of the Year
  2. Mike Trout hits 30+ home runs
  3. The Los Angeles Dodgers win 100+ games but get eliminated in the NLDS
  4. Royce Lewis receives MVP votes
  5. The Baltimore Orioles win the World Series

Next up is budding YouTube sensation Brett Walker. If you haven’t caught his Brett Chats Sport (BCS Podcast), then you’re missing out. A disgruntled A’s fan, Brett is one of the hardest-working members of the Bat Flips & Nerds team.

Brett Walker

  1. The Colorado Rockies will ‘win’ the Wooden Spoon this season.
  2. Contrary to popular opinion, the Baltimore Orioles won’t win the AL East.
  3. Jerry Seinfeld will sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ at the Mets home game during the London Series.
  4. Donald Trump turns up to a World Series game. He will be boo’d. A lot. Like bigly.
  5. Shohei Ohtani becomes the new face of Fan Duel.

There was a tweet the other day from the great Daniel Woodrow acknowledging Mark Blakemore as the catalyst behind the #Jerseyson tradition for Opening Day. He described Mark as a “Yankees fan (but still a nice bloke).” He is indeed a Yankees fan. And he is certainly a top bloke. Check out The Empire Strikes Back podcast about the formerly great franchise.

Mark Blakemore

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates make the playoffs
  2. Chicago White Sox lose more games than any other team
  3. More betting scandals
  4. At least two Seattle Mariners pitchers will be in the Top 5 for AL Cy Young voting.
  5. Someone will get 10+ RBI in a single game

The final word in today’s article goes to another podcaster, Finland’s finest Fish fan, Tomi Korkeamäki. His writing ability shows the rest of us up – not so much the talent of writing in a second language, more the skill of staying so enthusiastic about the Miami Marlins. Although, perhaps his Bold Predictions suggest his 2024 exuberance has dipped slightly.

Tomi Korkeamäki

  1. The Marlins might win one game.

Article by @GavTramps. Want to get your opinions in front of the Bat Flips & Nerds readership of 10,000? Hit the “Write for Us” link above.

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