GBFBS 2024: Week 3 Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague review

The legendary dream team of Jonny Gould and James Holden picked up their first win of the season with a 264-216 victory over Steve Merry in the NL West. The division is headed by Joey Mellows aka Baseball Brit, who moved to 3-0 with a win in the high-scoring clash against Raymond Walker.

Paul Dearnley is the only undefeated player in the NL North, thanks to a magnificent tally of 328 points in his win over Andrew Moore. Simon Pearl also racked up 300+ points by inflicting the first defeat of the season on Matt Sutton.

The AL Central saw some very tight clashes this week with Ian Blease sneaking his first win in the matchup with Chris Knoblock, and Gav Hagon edging past John Eccles. Two teams in the division start Week 4 with their 100% record intact: Paul Plunkett and Matt Lomas.

The stat of the week comes from the AL Central. Both Matt Lomas and John Eccles have accumulated 700+ points this season; impressive starts, I’m sure you will agree. Matt is tied at the top of the division on 3-0, while John is alone at the bottom on 0-3. They “joys” of matchplay.

Mr Four Bases himself, Joel Bailey, continues to be the class act in the AL North by extending his undefeated streak to three games. However, it was the narrowest of winning margins, thanks to a Friday night homer from Francisco Lindor. I’m guessing Joel will be cheering on the smiling shortstop in London in June.

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Back to the serious stuff. In the NL Central, two 3-0 records remain intact, with Robert Kermode taking down Joshua Slack, and Liam Tumelty winning against Andy Savage.

Sim Ralph was the week’s highest scorer in the NL East, but it is Sam Devereux with a 264-234 victory over William Matthews, and Jacob Slade with a win over Joshua Kindon, who lead the division 3-0. Joshua’s 1-2 record doesn’t do justice to his division-leading 751-point tally.

It’s possible that the AL West is the most competitive division, with all 12 teams accumulating over 600 points already this season. #NoEasyGames

As if to reinforce this claim, the division saw the Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague’s first tie, a 236-236 matchup between Brent Bentley and Jason Derr. In the event of a tie, the bench scorers count, and the win went to Brent, thanks in part to Kerry Carpenter‘s big week.

Elsewhere in the division, James Oakley maintained his undefeated start to the season with a 280-232 win over Jed Oliver.

Ian Flux and Nathanael Garfield are sitting pretty on 3-0 at the top of the AL South, although Ian has built up a near-100-point lead over the next-highest scorer, Thomas McConnell.

Daniel Woodrow, or Colossus if you use his Gladiators’ name, remains unbeaten in the AL East thanks to a win over Ross Finlay. Neil Pennington (2-1 record) has actually outscored Daniel this season and inflicted a narrow 269-273 defeat on Jamie Wyman, who himself benefited from a narrow one-point win last week. What goes around, comes around.

In the Premier League, the second tier of GBFBS, Jason Toms continued his winning streak with a 231-222 victory over Jamie Steed. Jason is joined at the top of the division on 3-0 by Nick Wright, however Nick has an incredible 848 points compared to Jason’s 705.

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Elsewhere in the division, Ryan Owen maintained his excellent start to the season with the narrowest of one-point victories over Ben Carter, and is second behind Nick in the points-scoring tally with 771 points, just ahead of Charlie Deeks (762 points) and Nick Wilson-Smith (744 points).

In the Champions League, Mark Blakemore took revenge on Adam Nicholson for last season’s defeat in the final by scratching out a 256-215 win.

Mark Finbow continues to win, this time with a 219-195 victory over Ash Smith, and remains unbeaten on 3-0, but his overall tally of 641 points suggests he will need his big guns like Freddie Freeman and Randy Arozarena to fire into action if he is to maintain this impeccable start to the season.

Luke Kendrick enjoyed a 291-241 win over the luckless Chris Deeley, who had Seiya Suzuki join Josh Jung on the IL.

The best team in the entire GBFBS – Richard Davison – finally picked up his first win of the season in the 299-225 matchup against Pete Urwin. Richard was the highest points scorer last year and is already the only player to break the 900-point barrier this season, but until this week, he hadn’t secured a victory.

Given the volatile nature of head-to-head matchups, bear a thought for Pete Unwin who has had an eye-watering 889 points scored by his opponents. There really isn’t much you can do about that.

Last Week’s Highest Scorers

  • 328 points: Paul Dearnley
  • 316 points: Simon Pearl
  • 311 points: Nick Wright
  • 306 points: Joey Mellows

Overall Highest Scorers

  • 904 points: Richard Davison
  • 895 points: Joel Bailey
  • 888 points: Bat Flips & Nerds (Champions League)
  • 868 points: Paul Dearnley
  • 848 points: Nick Wright
  • 839 points: Raymond Walker
  • 825 points: Ian Flux
  • 821 points: Joey Mellows

Team of the week

Featured image of Jordan Westburg – this week’s highest-scoring third baseman – by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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