GBFBS 2024: Week 4 Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague review

We have one team with a 100% record in the Champions League after Mark Finbow’s 285-point week to beat the only other undefeated team. Mark overcame a disappointing week from outfielders Chas McCormick and Randy Arozarena who combined for negative two points.

Despite the impeccable 4-0 start, Mark has a tough task ahead to hold off the competition; seven teams in the division have outscored him.

World-famous tennis coach Brad Gilbert coined the phrase “winning ugly”, which feels like an appropriate description of Nick Wright’s victory in the Premier League, to maintain his unbeaten start to the season. Going into Friday night’s games, Freddie Shires held a significant advantage over Nick, but saw his lead eroded and his first win of the season remain elusive. Nick’s winning margin was nine points. Freddie’s quartet of Jackson Chourio, Oneil Cruz, Gleyber Torres, and Craig Kimbrel combined for a Friday night total of minus-10 points. Amazing!

With an impressive tally of 309 points, Kevin Orchard was the star performer in the AL East and moves into joint-second place in the division. The division leader is still Daniel Woodrow who carries his 4-0 record into Week 5.

The AL South is a competitive division with Ian Flux and Nathanael Garfield tied at the top on 4-0, just ahead of Thomas McConnell (this week’s top scorer with 308 points) and Bryan Mullin both on three-game win streaks.

The dynamo behind the UK Cincinnati Reds fan hub, Calvin Medcalf was victorious in one of this week’s highest-scoring matchups, with a stunning 326 points. His strategy of drafting ace pitchers who have avoided injury is proving inspired, with Luis Castillo and Zack Wheeler doing the heavy lifting this week.

Peter Farr was another 300+ point scorer this week and sits at the top of the division, tied 3-1 with James Oakley who suffered his first defeat of the season at the hands of Brent Bentley.

It was a big week for Sarah Needham in the NL East with a 312-235 victory over Peter Ramsay, but the class act in the division is Jacob Slade who scored 331 points to extend his winning start to 4-0.

In the NL Central, the matchup between the two James’ finished in a 228-228 tie. In the event of the tie, the bench players score, and it was Nolan Arenado and Jake Cronenworth who handed the win to James Nation and kept James Kerr on 0-4.

At the other end of the division, Robert Kermode scored an impressive 306 points to maintain his 4-0 start to the season. He shares the top spot with Liam Tumelty who overcame Neil Littlewood in a close-fought matchup.

Blake Snell hitting the IL after rosters locked was the difference between winning and losing for Harry Broster in the AL North as he suffered a mere seven-point loss. Joel Bailey continues to look like he is playing with house money as his unbeaten start to the season streches to four games.

Serious question: Many of this year’s first-round picks have got off to pretty dismal starts. Ronald Acuna Jr. was taken with the first pick in every single division. If the league were to draft today, who are you taking with the first pick? Let us know in the comments, chat room or Twitter X.

1Ronald Acuna Jr.77
2Julio Rodriguez38
3Mookie Betts143
4Corbin Carroll54
5Juan Soto107
6Spencer Strider17
7Kyle Tucker90
8Aaron Judge45
9Freddie Freeman70
10Fernando Tatis Jr.81

There is one undefeated team in the AL Central: Paul Plunkett, with a 284-168 win over Alistair Paterson. Although, it was Martin Osborne, with a score of 347, who was this week’s top performer across all of the divisions.

Despite outscoring his opponent by 32 points on Friday night, John Eccles lost out to Ian Blease by just one single point and remains searching for his first 2024 GBFBS win.

There are no undefeated teams in the highly competitive NL North after Paul Dearnley suffered his first loss. There is a five-way tie at the top of the division with Paul joined by Matt Sutton, Gareth Neale, Mark Lowry, and the current hottest team, Blake Taylor.

Raymond Walker gets this week’s imaginary award for taking down Jonny Gould and James Holden. When will the Behind Home Plate podcast start again? Anyone know? We need more Jonny Gould content.

With the greatest respect to Raymond, perhaps the biggest scalp was taken by Scott Buchanan when he inflicted the season’s first defeat on Baseball Brit Joey Mellows.

This week’s top scorers

  • 347 points: Martin Osborne
  • 331 points: Jacob Slade
  • 326 points: Calvin Medcalf
  • 326 points: Adam Nicholson
  • 321 points: James Poppleton
  • 315 points: Jamie Steed
  • 312 points: Sarah Needham
  • 309 points: Kevin Orchard
  • 308 points: Thomas McConnell
  • 306 points: Richard Davison
  • 306 points: Robert Kermode

Overall top scorers

  • 1210 points: Richard Davison
  • 1180 points: Joel Bailey
  • 1138 points: Bat Flips & Nerds
  • 1099 points: Robert Kermode
  • 1098 points: Martin Osborne
  • 1091 points: Adam Nicholson
  • 1077 points: Paul Dearnley
  • 1074 points: Ian Flux
  • 1065 points: Matt Pumfrey
  • 1062 points: Kevin Orchard
  • 1056 points: Raymond Walker
  • 1053 points: Nick Wright
  • 1048 points: Luke Kendrick
  • 1047 points: Daniel Woodrow
  • 1046 points: Matt Sutton
  • 1044 points: Jacob Slade
  • 1037 points: Paul Plunkett
  • 1036 points: Thomas McConnell
  • 1035 points: Nick Wilson-Smith
  • 1033 points: James Poppleton
  • 1032 points: Joey Mellows
  • 1032 points: Peter Farr
  • 1025 points: Brent Bentley
  • 1024 points: James Oakley
  • 1015 points: Gav Hagon
  • 1010 points: Charlie Deeks
  • 1008 points: Liam Tumelty

This week’s top performers

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