Miami Marlins: Tee-Ball team in the Big Leagues

So, they did it. They did everything I asked them not to do. My hope was to see the team that I saw last year. Never giving up, fighting back and picking up their team-mates. To sum up the early season for the Fish, every Marlins game is like watching people trying out a new sport for the first time except it’s broadcasted live on Bally Sports Florida. They play baseball like they are sorry for showing up to the game.

After they got their FIRST win of the season following a 0-9 start, it was announced that the option in manager Skip Schumaker‘s contract would not picked up and that he is leaving the position at the end of the current season. His own request to seek another job fuels yet more rumours about problems in the front office. This counts now as the third resignation at the front office level following the departures of Derek Jeter and Kim Ng.

To spice up this clown show with some more bad jokes, they just traded away their best player in recent history. A two-time batting champion Luis Arraez was traded to the San Diego Padres in a five-man deal. I got a few text messages after the news broke asking how am I doing. I replied to them all: “I hate this team”. And I do.

I’ve asked this before and I keep asking again – what is the vision for the future for this team? How can the owner Bruce Sherman stand (apparently he can’t now, he just had knee surgery) behind his words that he wants to bring a championship caliber team to South Florida when every time this team has had any success on the field, there is a tropical storm in the front office and everybody leaves?

How do they sell this team to the fans when it’s happening yet again? They keep bringing up at they want to build inside the house when the fact is that they can’t produce a single hitter from the farm system that would hit .200 in tee-ball. They can produce pitchers, but still – look no further than this year as it all goes down the toilet when the injuries hit and the farm isn’t that deep. Their answer was to throw in a closer for starting role and guess what happened? Arm fatigue after three weeks.

Now we just wait and see who is next on the line. Jesus Luzardo, Jazz Chisholm Jr., Jake Burger, Josh Bell. All are for sale and the price is low. I can’t wait to read about other teams prospect lottery tickets and how they are 26th on their farm system with big pop according to their beat writer. How somebody hit 800 home runs in rookie ball but can’t hit a volleyball in AAA. I can’t wait to find my next Lewis Brinson.

All I can say now is that I hope GM Peter Bendix and the owner Bruce Sherman either step on a Lego or stub their toes for the rest of their days with this franchise as that is how I feel now about this team. The team is a sketch show about a tee-ball team in the Big Leagues and it’s only funny to the owner who is pocketing as much as money as he can before he leaves.

Stay safe and let’s go (to the fire sale) Fish!

Featured image – Kelly Gavin/Getty Images

Tomi Korkeamäki is the Miami Marlins correspondent for Bat Flips & Nerds. Follow him on Twitter @TKorkeamaki.

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