GBFBS 2024: Week 7 Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague review

After a couple of weeks’ hiatus, we are back with a roundup of #GBFBS, which sees Luke Kendrick at the top of the Championship thanks to a Paul Skenes-fuelled comeback win over Michael Garmston. Michael is tied in joint-second spot with Mark Finbow and the point-scoring juggernaut, Richard Davison.

If a fantasy baseball season is a marathon not a sprint, then Pete Urwin is Manchester’s answer to Eliud Kipchoge, slowly gathering momentum from an 0-3 start to enter Week 8 with a 4-3 winning record.

Using the same analogy, then Bat Flips & Nerds, who started 3-0 are like Usain Bolt attempting a 5K Park Run and completely running out of steam with four straight defeats.

In the second-tier Premier League, Nick Wright, one of the dynamos behind MLB UK Community, continues to maintain a narrow lead ahead of Charlie Deeks and James Poppleton. Spiralling out of contention is Ryan Owen who suffered his fourth defeat on the bounce. It feels very much like his beloved Leeds United’s drop in the Championship… but we have all seen how quickly that has turned around.

It took a bid of $51 for Malcolm Balmford to acquire the services of Paul Skenes, and the reward was immediate as Malcolm was one of the few 300+ point scorers this week. Blowing half of your budget on a single pitcher is a risky strategy, but Malcolm continues to put pressure on the joint leaders of Daniel Woodrow and Kevin Orchard in the AL East.

With a massive haul of 339 points, Alex Colby inflicted the season’s first defeat on Ian Flux, thanks to this week’s two top-point-scoring hitters Aaron Judge and Bryson Stott. Ian is still sitting pretty at the top of the AL South, tied on 6-1 with Bryan Mullin who has gone on a remarkable six-game winning streak since his opening week defeat.

The AL West is one of the tightest divisions with no one-win or one-loss teams. The two Toms (no, not the Pendle walk or the integral part of a drum kit) lead the division with 5-2 records. Tom Athene scored 270 points in the win over Jonathan Buttigieg, while Tom Hotchin also scored 270 points defeating Calvin Medcalf.

Jacob Slade secured the very last spot in this year’s Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague, and we are pleased he did. With a 305-point tally to clinch the win over Peter Ramsay, Jacob maintains sole control of the top spot in the NL East.

Elsewhere in the division, in the battle of the Needhams, Sarah lost against Sim Ralph to slip to 5-2 while Rachel picked up a win to improve to 4-3.

Across in the NL Central, Robert Kermode dutifully protected GBFBS’s only 100% record with a 263-214 win over James Nation. With three consecutive wins, Joshua Slack enjoys a winning record for the first time this season to move into joint fourth.

All hail Mark Dobinson for exacting the year’s first defeat on Joel Bailey in a closely fought 279-265 matchup. On Friday night, Joel’s pitchers (including Zack Wheeler, Nestor Cortes, Bryce Miller, and Josh Hader) accumulated 56 points while Mark’s actually cost him -1 point. However, Mark held on to take the win and hold onto joint fourth spot in the AL North.

Ian Blease and Martin Osborne appear to have forgotten how to lose, with Ian extending his winning streak to five games and Martin, who racked up an impressive 300 points this week, to four games. Paul Plunkett’s defeat to Ian Allwood cost him the division lead, but the AL Central looks set to be highly competitive for the rest of the season.

Talking of highly competitive, there is a quartet of teams with a 5-2 record at the top of the NL North after Matt Sutton and Mark Lowry both slipped up allowing Paul Dearnley and Paul Denyer to create a four-way tie for the division lead.

Although, it was Andrew Moore who was the top scorer in the NL North this week with a 295-266 win over Gareth Neale.

After a sticky start, and we’re not talking Ronel Blanco sticky, the James Holden/Jonny Gould dream team are above .500 for the first time this year, thanks to a nail-biting 255-250 win over Tomos Purnell.

With his sixth straight win, Matt Pumfrey has dismissed the losses of high draft picks Gerrit Cole and Mike Trout and continues his dominance in the NL West thanks to a win over Nicholas Chang.

This Week’s Top Scorers

  • 339 points: Alex Colby
  • 308 points: Pete Urwin
  • 305 points: Jacob Slade
  • 300 points: Martin Osborne

Overall Top Scorers

  • 2065 points: Richard Davidson
  • 1973 points: Joel Bailey
  • 1957 points: Robert Kermode
  • 1904 points: Martin Osborne
  • 1894 points: Kevin Orchard
  • 1875 points: Paul Dearnley
  • 1848 points: Ian Flux
  • 1840 points: Matt Pumfrey
  • 1834 points: Daniel Woodrow

Team of the Week

Featured image of Bryson Stott by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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