London Series 2024 Primer: Top 8 Things to do at this year’s London Series

The weather forecast looks acceptable, and we are overflowing with excitement about the prospect of the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies arriving in London for the two-game series on 8-9 June 2024.

Here are a few must-do activities if you are coming to the London Series.

Head to Trafalgar Square

London’s iconic square is MLB Central for the three-day weekend. Opening at 2:00pm on Friday 7 June, all baseball fans must visit the Trafalgar Square Takeover.

Batting cages, music, merch shop, food, drinks, big screens, MLB legends, Phil Jupitus hosting a pub quiz, Aimee Fuller & Max Whittle supervising competitions & giveaways, Gladiators competing in a Home Run Derby for Sport Relief plus much more… AND IT’S FREE ENTRY.

Need more info? We got you covered

Make sure you arrive at the stadium early

If you haven’t got tickets, there are some still available with prices starting at £33 for children and £54 for adults. Check out the Ticketmaster website: Saturday tickets or Sunday tickets.

Of course, if you’re not planning on going to the game, the atmosphere at Trafalgar Square, with its big screens, should be electric.

The number one rule for those watching the game in person is to arrive early. Fair play to the security/entry system last year; it seemed to work very well, but I have endured ludicrous hour-long waits to get in some other events at the London Stadium.

The gates open at 3:00pm on Saturday and midday on Sunday, giving you plenty of time to walk around the stadium, savour the atmosphere, and grab some food before the concessions queues build to unbearable lengths.

Batting practice starts just 15 minutes after gates open, so you will need to be on high alert if you want to nab a Bryce Harper or Pete Alonso souvenir ball launched into the seats.

There is half an hour of pre-game entertainment before the first ceremonial pitch at 6:00pm Saturday (3:00pm Sunday), and the game starts 10 minutes later.

Don’t forget the essentials: Sunscreen, water bottle, raincoat, credit card

Baz Luhrmann memorably stated that “If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” and although the weather looks like it will not be the heatwave of previous London Series weekends, you would be foolish not to pack sunscreen.

There are water refill stations around the stadium, and you are allowed to bring empty plastic or metal bottles of any size. Security at some events has, bizarrely, confiscated plastic bottle tops, so I will probably keep a spare in my pocket.

The long-range forecast is subject to change on a daily basis, but surely we have to get a few showers this year. Fingers crossed it won’t cause more hassle than an hour’s delay, which gives more time to investigate the food and drink options.

All stores are cashless, so make sure you have a credit/debit card or Apple Pay/Google Pay on your phone.

Overindulge on Ballpark food

Oh my! It looks fantastic this year. I’m definitely having a Philly Cheesesteak, with a Bases Loaded Hot Dog on the side. That reminds me, I must go for a run on Saturday morning before the game.

The Sweet and Salty Waffle Cone might be beyond me – is that really fried chicken in a cone? – but the loaded waffle fries look like a great accompaniment to my cheesesteak/hotdog combo.

I’m definitely not capable of devouring a Boomstick – I’ll leave that to the McGee/Pringle bromance – but the sharing nachos might be too much to resist.

And if last year is anything to go by, the prices will be decent. They certainly won’t be as much as my recent visits to Oakland and New York

Grab a real beer

I don’t know what is on offer at the Bleacher Bar, Amazin’ Alehouse or the Liberty Bell Bar located on the Stadium concourse, but it looks like we won’t go thirsty during the game.

You should definitely make your way to one of the local brewery bars for a pre-game refreshment. Remember, staying hydrated is an important part of sports.

Recommended bars include: Signature Brew in Haggerston, Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick, Howling Hops Brewery also in Hackney Wick, and Tap East attached to the Westfield Shopping Mall in Stratford.

Don’t miss Jess Glynne

As a special treat for those of us going to the Sunday game, London’s very own Grammy Award-winner Jess Glynne will be performing before the game. She will be playing tracks from this year’s five-star album “Jess”, but such is the way of the world, the biggest singalong of the day will be for “Hold My Hand” aka the theme from the Jet2 advert.

Purchase a London Series souvenir

Limited edition merch is usually too expensive for my tastes but I realise that I am in the minority, so you should venture to the MLB Superstore at the London Stadium. According to MLB “The Superstore will include caps and products not just from the Mets and Phillies, but from all 30 teams… even the Yankees .” – I added that last bit.

Even if you don’t want a jersey or cap for your favourite team, there is a wide range of London Series-branded memorabilia available.

And finally, follow Bat Flips & Nerds on socials

Nothing will increase your enjoyment of the London Series weekend more than being part of the Bat Flips & Nerds extended family. Follow the mad exploits of Tom, Darius and John as they get content you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Meet up with the rest of us at Trafalgar Square, the stadium, or one of the many bars. Keep checking our Twitter and Instagram (and occasionally Facebook) for updates about the latest information and exclusive fan meetups.

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Article by @GavTramps. Look out for the Bat Flips & Nerds crew in London. We have Tom and Darius backstage getting content you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Puppet master John will pull the strings with incisive interviews and bamboozling vocabulary. Russell will bring world-class analysis into the discussion, Rachel (#properjournalist) is providing coverage for nationwide outlets, while Rob, Ben and the rest of us will be mingling with the crowds in Stratford and Trafalgar Square. Come and say “hi”.

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