Advertising & sponsorship opportunities

The costs of podcasting, website hosting, domain names, and various essential subscriptions, mean that we barely break even. Everyone at Bat Flips & Nerds gives their time for free, but with ever-increasing costs, the future looks tricky. Maybe you can help.

Sponsor the podcast?

Exclusive opportunity for association with our highly-regarded podcast. Recent guests include Jeff Passan, Lucas Giolito, Jonny Gomes, Nick Swisher, and Drew Spencer. Contact John McGee via DM on Twitter or alternatively, fire us via email.

Sponsored article

We allow a very limited number of sponsored articles on the site. The articles can contain a do-follow link and are optionally marked “sponsored”

Article written by you @ GBP 150.00
Article written by us @ GBP 200.00

Important: All articles must be baseball-relevant, of interest to our readership, and must meet our editorial standards. If that is of interest to you, contact Gav via the submission form.

Website advertising

Have your name/logo on our homepage and sidebar. Every visitor will see your brand every time they visit our site. Contact Gav via the submission form.

Series sponsorship

We run various themed articles, such as My Favorite Player or MLB Rivalries. Sponsorship of one of these series costs just GBP 50.00 for which you will have your name, logo and link on every article in the series. Once again, contact Gav via the submission form.