Bat Flips & Nerds Style Guide

We want consistency across all articles, regardless of the author

Use the player’s full name the first time you mention them, then their surname (or nickname) in subsequent mentions.

Write out one to nine in full. Use digits for 10 and above.
E.g. He hit two home runs, not he hit 2 home runs.
Houston came away with two wins in the series.
They left 11 base runners.

Innings are tricky. Write full numbers out in full, but if you need to use ⅓ or ⅔, then you have to use digits
E.g. He pitched two innings. He pitched 2⅔ innings is better than 2.2 innings

Use first, second, third, not 1st, 2nd or 3rd (until you get over 10)
E.g. First base, second inning, third baseman, took the lead for the fourth time, 11th straight win

Put the date before the month, without suffix (eg: 12 April or 12 April 2023).
Add a comma if using the day of the week (eg: Saturday, 12 April).

Much to Gav’s disgust, use feet & inches (and in digits not words): 5-foot-9 not 5’9”

It’s centre not center. It’s defence not defense. Try not to use the word offence; use offensive production.

Single words
postseason, offseason, preseason not post-season or off season

No capitals
spring training, grand slam, general manager

Opening Day, Hall of Fame, All-Star, Game Five, Cy Young Award, Gold Glove,
Rookie of the Year, World Series, Cactus League, Grapefruit League

at-bat, hit-by-pitch, no-hitter

Two-word outfield
right field, right fielder, left field, left fielder, centre field, centre fielder

One-word pitches
changeup, curveball, groundball, fastball, knuckleball

Lower leagues
Double-A, Triple-A not AA, AAA

Lower case minors
minor league, minor leaguer, minors

Lower case majors
major league, major leaguer, majors

Capitalise majors
MLB, Major League Baseball

Counting stats
RBI, runs, home runs, stolen bases, innings, extra-base hits – don’t use R, HR, SB, IP, XBH

Traditional stats
Either AVG or batting average are fine

Advanced stats
OBP, wRC+, SLG, OPS – remember the format is 1.180 OPS or .938 OPS
0.93 or 1.03 WHIP (two decimal places with a preceding 0 or 1)

Hyphenate adjectives
first-base coach, regular-season wins, stolen-base percentage, right-handed pitcher

Don’t hyphenate verbs
Rays call up their top prospect. He was a September call-up
The Brewers line up with five right-handers. He hit seventh in the lineup
The Astros’ sign-stealing scheme. The Astros were accused of sign stealing
He reached 90 mph. He threw a 90-mph fastball

Write in full. Second base/second baseman not 2B