Bat Flips & Nerds WordPress Guidance

Information for Bat Flips & Nerds contributors.

Thank you for providing content for the Bat Flips & Nerds website. You should have received login details to access the WordPress site.

We have over 30 writers producing articles, so please help us by producing A1 content and uploading it directly onto the WordPress site using the guidelines detailed below.

Note: We now have an editorial team of four, so if you feel unable to upload your article directly, you can still email it to Brett, Sean, Charlie or Gav. Click on the photo for our email address or DM us on Twitter.


  • Quality is better than quantity: One exciting article is better than three throwaway pieces.
  • Brevity is also better than quantity: Aim for 500-1000 words. Readers lose interest.
  • Do not plagiarise: We want your own opinions and points of view.
  • Give credit where due: If you use analysis or quotes, insert a hyperlink to the original.
  • Let your personality shine: Avoid boring game reviews. Give the readers something interesting.
  • Fact check: Double-check your data.
  • Aim for 100% accuracy: We don’t want typos, incorrect names or factual inaccuracies. 



Make it intriguing yet search engine friendly. Ideally, you want the team/player name in full. 55 characters is ideal. 


Every article needs at least one picture. The easiest option is to insert a Tweet or Insta post. 

MLB Film room is fantastic for clips – simply copy the embed code into a Custom HTML block.


Two categories are mandatory: Baseball and Team Contributors.
In addition, you can choose other relevant categories such as World Baseball Classic, Season Preview, or London Series.

(4)  TAGS

Choose your team’s full name, e.g. Cincinnati Reds, so that the article appears in the correct section of the website.

For non-team-specific contributors, choose London Series, British Baseball, College Baseball, or World Baseball Classic.

Optional: Choose up to four other tags (generally player’s names are good).


Every article needs a featured image. This will appear as a large photo at the top of the article and a small image on the website/Twitter etc.

Unless you have your own copyright-free photo, find a suitable one on Twitter/Insta/Getty Images

If using Getty, you need to screenshot the photo without the Getty mark.

Crop to 16:9 ratio. Hit “Set featured image”. Upload the photo. Copy the photo credit for the footer of your article.

Alternatively, you can leave it to one of the editors, but you MUST let them know, otherwise they will think that you have simply forgotten it.


End the article with the photo credit for the featured image and your credit. For example,

Featured image of Carlos Correa by Brace Hemmelgarn/Sports Institute.
Gav Tramps is the Cincinnati Reds correspondent for Bat Flips & Nerds. Follow him on Twitter @GavTramps


Hit the preview button to see how the article will appear on the website. Check the article thoroughly – you don’t want readers picking up your typos or factual errors. When you are 100% happy, hit publish, and it will be sent to the editorial team to scan and schedule publication. We have over 30 writers producing articles, so please help us by producing A1 content.

IMPORTANT: If it is a time-sensitive piece, contact the editors via WhatsApp, otherwise it will be dealt with when time permits 



Within your article, link to other Bat Flips & Nerds articles (ideally your own). This helps keep the reader on the site.


You need to install the Baseball Reference Javascript bookmarklet before you use it for the first time. 

All of the information is here

Once installed on your toolbar, switch the document to display the HTML code (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+M). Hit the linker, and it will automatically link the players mentioned in your article to their Baseball Reference page. It will also advertise your article on the BRef website.

This is ideal for catching typos. You will need to ensure that your spelling matches Baseball Reference.


Ideally, we want correctly accented names: Ronald Acuña Jr., José Ramírez, Yoán Moncada, Eloy Jiménez etc

Unfortunately, the Player Linker will not work on accented names, so you need to add the accents afterwards.

Want to write like a professional? Check out our style guide