Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague

The concept is simple. We wanted to create a multi-division competition for British baseball fans. You compete to win your division while simultaneously going for the overall prize. 

All division winners are promoted to the Champions League for the following season.

We also wanted to give regular British fans the opportunity to compete against experts like Ryan Owen of RotoBrits, Darius Austin of Baseball Prospectus, James Holden of the Behind Home Plate podcast, and, of course, the legendary Jonny Gould.

As such, we created a system that was easy enough for novices to pick up but also challenging enough for more advanced players.

Finally, it seems that time is a precious resource for everyone, so we wanted a competition that did not require much weekly attention.

Did you miss out in 2024? Get your entry in now for 2025



AL CENTRALMichael Garmston
AL EASTBat Flips & Nerds
AL NORTHChris Jones
AL WESTChris Deeley
NL CENTRALRichard Davison
NL EASTMark Finbow
NL NORTHMartin Wood
NL WESTLuke Kendrick


Prizes were sent off to all of the winners.

And so on to 2024…


  • Division size: 12 teams
  • Roster size: 23 players (10 hitters, 8 pitchers, 5 bench)
  • Format: Weekly head-to-head (you play one opponent for one week), the team with the most points at the end gets the win
  • Season start: Saturday 30 March
  • Regular season end: Friday 30 August
  • Playoffs: Top four teams from each division qualify for the playoffs

A full copy of the rules and league settings can be found here. Participants are strongly recommended to read fully. One of the golden rules of fantasy baseball is to know your league’s settings and rules.

Also, we have created this page with additional information, which although specifically for newer fantasy baseball players, should be read by everyone in this year’s competition.


Your hitters are rewarded for every base.
Single/walk = 1 point
Double = 2 points
Triple = 3 points
Home run (four bases) = 4 points

In addition, they get one point for each run and one point for each RBI.
So, a home run scores 6 points (4+1+1).

And because everyone loves speed, each stolen base scores 2 points.

However, hitters lose a point for each strikeout, and each time they are caught stealing.

Your pitchers get three points per inning and one point per strikeout.
However, they lose a point for every hit, walk, and earned run they allow.

And because closers are weird, pitchers get five points for each save.

Last year, 21 players scored more than 500 points: 10 hitters, 10 pitchers, and Shohei Ohtani.


The scoring period runs from Saturday to Friday. You need to make any changes to your lineup before the first game on Saturday, and then your lineup is locked for the whole week.


Trades are not allowed in GBFBS but you can make a maximum of two adds/drops per week.


You add free agents by means of a FAAB bidding system. You start the season with $100 and put in a bid for the player you want. Transactions are executed at midnight on Friday and the free agents are distributed to the successful bidders. Tips for new players.


The entry form offered five different draft dates/times. Double-check your league settings to ensure you know when your draft starts. Tips for new players.


The top two divisions: Champions League and Premier League – will draft by online auction. Once again, check your league settings for the date/time. Tips for new auctionees.


There is no entry fee to enter the Great British Fantasy Baseball Superleague. The costs are covered by Bat Flips & Nerds, but as you can imagine that the organisation for this venture is very time-consuming for all of the team involved.

All we ask is that you follow Bat Flips & Nerds on social media – find us on XTwitter, Insta, Facebook – but please interact with us. Chat to us at MLB UK Community events, meet us at the London Series, get involved with our social media posts, or leave comments on the website. We are a small group of enthusiastic baseball fans in Britain trying to boost the sport on this side of the Atlantic.

Finally, we are an inclusive bunch and want to spread the Bat Flips & Nerds love. Why not get involved? Start by submitting an article about your baseball origin story.


Please use the hashtag #GBFBS and tag @Batflips_Nerds in any social media post.