Meet the Team

Britain’s biggest baseball podcast and website run by a bunch of enthusiasts who prefer grey trousers to sleep patterns. As the name suggests, we’re more about the stories and the drama than the tradition.


John McGee
Sports-mad Northerner who is proof that confidence and bluster will always trump knowledge. Liable to go off on tangents about baseball in Taiwan, Carlisle United, indy ball no-hitters and political philosophy. Likes Koji Uehara. A lot.

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Tom Pringle
Tom is married with two young children. A Royal Air Force Aircrewman, a failed footballer, golfer, cricketer, cyclist and basketball player. A Padres fan who likes to talk about all elements of baseball is an idiot. Has watched a baseball game from a hotel rooftop bar in San Diego.

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Darius Austin
Darius is mostly on the podcast to talk about stats and make sure everyone knows how good Matt Chapman is. He writes for the fantasy team and updates the depth charts at Baseball Prospectus. He also contributes at Banished to the Pen and Friends With Fantasy Benefits.

Contact Darius on Twitter @DariusA64 or by email

Ben Carter
A long-suffering Rockies (or is it Mets?) fan who serves as the token ‘youth’ representative on the pod, Ben both plays and talks about baseball at a refreshingly mediocre level. Once threw out the first pitch at a Tigers game (it was a strike, he swears).

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Russell Eassom
An ardent follower of many sports, with his passion for baseball stoked by sabermetrics. Russell is a Guardians fan and uses his skills learnt as a data scientist to investigate the analytical side of baseball.

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Rachel Steinberg
Rachel believes destiny made her travel-sized (#HDMH!). The Canadian and former Little League umpire graduated university in Yankee Stadium. She’s lived in six cities in three countries and has travelled to all seven continents. She wore this Bautista jersey on six of them.

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Rob Noverraz
Brighton-born and Reading-raised Rays fan, Rob once shamelessly hid amongst children at the Trop in order to get Logan Morrison to sign his hat.

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Gav (Tramps like us)
Oxymoronic shy attention-seeker. Gav is a part-time runner, part-time musician, part-time writer, part-time Cincinnati Reds fan, and part-time foodbank volunteer.

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Brett Walker
Oakland A’s correspondent

Lover of American sports. When not travelling to America to take in said sports live, A’s fan Brett’s, free time is spent also being a complete film geek.

Follow Brett on Twitter @BrettChatsSport

Sean Guest
Chicago Cubs correspondent

Long-suffering Cubs fan who has followed the team through three eras of varying success. He owns what he likes to think is the largest collection of Cubs memorabilia in the UK and will never tire of telling people that he was in Wrigleyville the night the team beat the Dodgers to win the pennant and advance to the 2016 World Series.

Follow Sean on Twitter @SW_Guest

Charlie Deeks
Atlanta Braves correspondent

A Braves fan since he could say ‘Chipper Jones was snubbed for 1995 NL ROY’, Charlie also plays for Bristol Baseball Club, where he coordinates the youth and university teams. Shameless Andrelton Simmons fanboy.

Follow Charlie on Twitter @Omashaft


Ash Day
San Francisco Giants correspondent

A baseball writer since 2013 and one-half of the Flyball To The Moon podcast, Ash roots for and writes about his beloved San Francisco Giants. He also plays for Bristol Baseball, where he does his best Brandon Crawford impersonation (just without the flowing hair).

Follow Ash on Twitter @AshDay29

Tomi Korkeamäki
Miami Marlins correspondent

Our Finnish superstar. Tomi is physically at the outer borders of Europe but mentally in Miami. Perhaps the second most optimistic Miami Marlins fan in Europe. In his free time, his goal is to make Finland a baseball society. A collector of dad jokes.

Follow Tomi on Twitter @TKorkeamaki

Joshua Edwards
New York Mets correspondent

Met fan and baseball history buff with a penchant for listening to games on the radio whilst driving aimlessly round South London.

Follow Josh on Twitter @Joshwa_1990

Jennifer Annely
St Louis Cardinals correspondent

Follow Jennifer on Twitter @JenniferBarnes8

Nick Wright
Los Angeles Angels correspondent

Sleep-deprived Angels fan, co-host of Halfway Around the Halo pod, and a key member of MLB UK Community

Follow Nick on Twitter @LAAngelsUK

Richard Banks
Boston Red Sox correspondent

A retired boxer, Rich now spends his days thinking about Tottenham Hotspur and his nights dreaming of Fenway Park. Once took a Hanley Ramirez foul ball off the shoulder. A 162 guy.

Follow Richard on Twitter @Gloveislife

Mark Strange
College Baseball correspondent

Tampa Bay Rays fan, Mark was hooked after a Rays v Yankees game on a family holiday. His passion and interest in the college game have grown over the years, and he is now the Bat Flips & Nerds resident expert.

Follow Mark on Twitter @realmarkstrange

Sander Grasman
Kansas City Royals correspondent

Multi-sport, multi-talented, multi-lingual, Dutch-born Sander’s love of baseball is matched by his love of language. Vice-chairman of the Dutch Fred McGriff fan club

Follow Sander on Twitter @GrasmanSD

Stefan ‘Bamos’ Appleby
Seattle Mariners correspondent

Bamos has two huge sporting loves: Seattle Mariners and Non-League football. He’s even written a book about the latter, which he dedicated to the man who first prompted his Mariners fascination, Mike Zunino. He also likes darts and his wife and child but let’s be honest, they’re no Julio Rodriguez are they?

Follow Bamos on Twitter & Instagram @AppleBamos

Freddie Law-Keen
Los Angeles Dodgers correspondent

An Arsenal fan born too late to remember the Invincibles. A Lakers fan born too late to remember the Kobe and Shaq era. A Dodgers fan who’s watched the team grow into a National League dynasty and somehow end every year as the punchline of the joke.

Follow Freddie on Twitter @FLK_Sports

Matt O’Brien
Arizona Diamondbacks correspondent

A fan of pretty much every sport under the sun, Matt discovered baseball just before the pandemic-shortened season and quickly fell in love with the sport. Thanks to discovering a tenuous family link to the DBacks, his allegiance was settled.

Follow Matt on Twitter @DiamondbacksUK

Alex Worth
New York Mets correspondent

Avid Mets fan since 2015, Alex is currently at Southampton Solent University studying Sports Journalism. Also a cricketer, but please don’t look up his stats on Play-Cricket.

Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexWorth17

Andy Moore
Toronto Blue Jays correspondent

A man that loves watching pitching highlights. Blue Jays fan, New Forest Thunder Knights player and Birmingham City Football Club connoisseur.

Follow Andy on Twitter @ajmoore21

Helen Atkinson
Washington Nationals correspondent

Sports nut Helen is in the pursuit of visiting and watching games at as many ballparks as possible (13 MLB – soon to be 14 and 8 MILB).

She owns the biggest CC Sabathia card collection this side of the pond and will likely drop into conversation how she met CC at the MLB London Series in 2019 – you have been warned!

Alex Lane-Kieltyka
Baseball in the UK correspondent

A Cubs fan since a young age, Alex covers Baseball in the South West for Somer Valley FM and plays for the Bristol Baseball Club.

A commentator for Bath City FC and a Reading FC supporter from birth – he knows disappointment all too well! His favourite all-time player is Ken Griffey Jr. And he has a quiet love for country music!”

Follow Alex on Twitter @alex_elkay21

Jamie Wyman
New York Yankees correspondent

Exeter-born Devonian. New York Yankees fan and general sports lover. 

When not watching or talking about sports, he will be listening to his vinyl record collection or sinking more hours into MLB the show on PS5.

Follow Jamie on Twitter @Jammers1306

Kane McEvoy
Prospects correspondent

With the help of Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, Kane fell in love with baseball (and the SF Giants). as a whole and hasn’t looked back since. Kane has spent some time playing with clubs in the UK, the Birmingham Outlaws and the Bristol Buccaneers. However, he spends more time recently helping to score games

Follow Kane on Twitter @McevoyKane

Tom Baker
Phillies correspondent

Die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan and a member of the Bristol Baseball Club, Tom has never watched Doctor Who but has a good scarf collection.

Follow Tom on Twitter @TomBaker1981

Sam Dougherty
Yankees and KBO correspondent

A bandwagon Yankees fan from Pennsylvania who now resides in South Korea and loves learning KBO player cheers. 

Here to talk about baseball culture and updates in the MLB and abroad. 

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