Five Bold Predictions from the Bat Flips & Nerds team (part 1)

Hopefully, you have already seen Gav’s 30 BOLDish Predictions (one for each MLB team) and you are in the mood for more Bat Flips & Nerds bold predictions.

We start off with John. He assures us that the recent injuries are superficial, but perhaps his fifth bold prediction suggests he banged his head harder than he admits.

John McGee

1. Minnesota Twins make the ALCS

2. ⁠Nick Pivetta makes the top 3 in Cy Young voting

3. Aaron Boone fired

4. ⁠Yoshinobu Yamamoto posts an ERA over 4.50

5. ⁠A classic butcher’s dog (complete with a string of sausages) enters the field of play in Anaheim and pees on the field, immobilising Anthony Rendon

Next up, is a young Richmond slugger who was in action in Trafalgar Square last year and, apparently, he might feature in the forthcoming Out of the Park Baseball 25. 

Ben Carter

1. Pittsburgh Pirates win the NL Central

2. Los Angeles Angels lose 100 games

3. Kyle Tucker wins AL MVP

4. A game ends on a walk-off pitch clock violation

5. Joey Votto retires and takes a job in the broadcast booth before the season ends

Just back from Spring Training in time for Opening Day, the big man himself has these five for us. Luckily, his prediction ability is better than his darts throwing skill.

Russell Eassom

1. The AL Champions won’t come from the East

2. Giancarlo Stanton will lead the league in home runs

3. Gleyber Torres will get MVP votes

4. Chris Sale will get Cy Young votes

5. Yoshinobo Yamamoto will lead the NL in strikeouts

Fernando Tatis Jr.’s body double, Tom has taken time away from his role of keeping the world safe to offer these five predictions. We can neither confirm nor deny whether Ken Rosenthal has sought a restraining order against Tom for June 2024. Although we all know the score with Wade Miley.

Tom Pringle

1. Wade Miley is talked about* as a Cy Young contender at some point (no matter how insignificant the moment)

2. An animal larger than a bird* will delay a game

3. Both London Series games will be pitcher battles and end 1-0

4. Giancarlo Stanton will go the entire season without being placed on the IL

5. The Los Angeles Angels go the entire season without being named in a scandal of some form

* Discussion at Bat Flips & Nerds HQ clarified the following points. (1) Tom mentioning Wade Miley on the Bat Flips & Nerds podcast does not count. (2) Larger than a “chip-robbing gull”

Part-time joker, part-time baseball expert, seemingly non-stop worker, part-time Roy Utah press officer, part-time supporter of the team 18th in League Division One, and absolutely ace bold predictor.

Rob Novarrez (oops, sorry!) Rob Noverraz

1. The Detroit Tigers come out of nowhere to deliver the league’s lowest rotation ERA

2. At some point during the season, Rob Manfred exhibits a visible injury

3. This is the year of the inside-the-park home run, with the most since 2000

4. There is a food poisoning scandal

5. Only one division is won by the Fangraphs’ projected favourites. (Yankees, Twins, Astros, Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers)

It is a low bar to clear, but Darius is the sensible one within this sextet. He is arguably the most baseball-knowledgable person in the UK… so watch him whiff with his five predictions.

Darius Austin

1. CJ Abrams steals more bases than Ronald Acuña Jr. did last year (73)

2. Daulton Varsho gets MVP votes (just for Rob)

3. Cole Ragans wins the Cy Young

4. Miguel Sano steals at least as many bases as Mike Trout (just for Gav, who predicted Trout would steal more than Acuña Jr.)

5. Shohei Ohtani plays the outfield

How did the guys do? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

Now it’s YOUR turn to get involved. Submit your Five Bold Predictions before the end of the Easter weekend, and we will include them in next week’s article.

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