What’s the point of the Mets?

Steven Cohen bought the Mets in November 2020, having outbid singer/actor/producer Jennifer Lopez and her (then) fiancé, the former Texas Rangers shortstop, Alex Rodriguez. Cohen indicated a reversal of the existing Mets culture with the proclamation of “I want professionalism. I want integrity. I want to hire the best and brightest.”

Jared Porter was appointed general manager, and then 36 days later, he was fired after it was revealed that he bombarded a reporter with explicit texts and photos. In mitigation, he claimed that the erect penis in the photo wasn’t actually his.

The due diligence carried out before Porter’s appointment was either inadequate or ignored.

It appeared that little had changed since the wild Wilpon days, the Mets were still gonna Met, or as Bob Bamber, one of the most vocal Braves fans in the UK, frequently says, “What’s the point of the Mets?”

You should follow Bob @BravesintheUK. You don’t need to be a Braves fan or an anti-Mets fan to appreciate the content. I caught him on the UK fantasy baseball podcast, RotoBrits, when he expounded his extensive knowledge of relief pitchers for nearly two hours. That’s a couple of hours of my life I won’t get back. I nicked his phrase for the headline, so I hope there is no copyright infringement.

So, what IS the point of the Mets?

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